Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Welcome Mat

Here's an interesting observation and thought. When you come home do you enter through your front door? OR - do you enter through the garage door? I find it funny that the majority of the public spends alot of money making a grand entrance to the front of their house - high arches, stone, beautiful door, extra windows and glass, plants, pots, etc when the person living in that house does not hardly ever use it! LOL!!! As we exit and enter our house it is always through the garage door that leads into our home. We seldom use the front door unless people stop by and with the Winter season still here - most neighbors and friends are still hybernating in their houses. ;) I am making this observation because the other day I watched a solicter leave an avon book in a plastic bag on my front door handle. Since I don't use that door all the time I forgot about it until the next day when I was walking home with my daughter from school. I also noticed that half of the neighborhood still had their bags hanging on their doors a day later as well. So we must present a GRAND front entrance to impress those stopping by and welcome them as they come is my guess. And I of course will be following suite to the masses by sprucing up our entrance with large pots full of flowers and greenery when the weather warms up. LOL!!! I sound just like my Dad. :)

Tuesday, January 30, 2007


This is my FAVORITE boys desgin this year! The fabrics easily came together and Jen created the PERFECT matching knit raglan tee and hat! Take a peek at the Jeans and the Matching Tee and Hat! Grab it while you can!

Monday, January 29, 2007

Bring on the Blooms!

I'm ready for Spring and color! Out with the dreary colors of winter - I want to see the world in color again! Newly listed today is my "Sidekicks" outfit inspired by the event of Spring. Andria of bark-at-the-moon asked me to be her sidekick partner for this launch. Be sure to check out all the SIDEKICKS listings starting today!

Friday, January 26, 2007

Sneak Peek - Ready, set... GO!

I FLIPPED when I received the modeled pictures back late last night for this outfit. A new one for boys I have in the works themed around cars, construction, traffic signs, etc. Jen of little*red*wagon made an amazing knit top and coordinating cap to match! IT IS SOOO stinkin' cute!!!! I can't wait to debut the outfit! Coming soon!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Magic of a paper plate

This has been a favorite activity with my kids for a long time. They love to create a new face, character and then play with them all day! Sometimes they really want my help and sometimes they like to do it themselves. They've been pirates, bunnies, peacocks, scribble faces, princesses and who knows what else! LOL!!! What mask will it be today?

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Can you say ROAD TRIP???

We’re packing up the studio and taking it on the Road! Join Daria, Megan, Amelia and Emily from Boutique Cafe for an all girls weekend in Salt Lake City this April. We’re excited to meet with designers, buyers and show fans at this event, but take heed - it’s a Girls Only weekend. It’s your time ladies to shop, play and dish as only us girls can do. We’ll also be offering pre-booked interviews with Daria for upcoming Boutique Cafe episodes, come to talk with her about your designs and products (bring some of them along with you) and we’ll capture the interview for use in our shows.
A planning committee is currently working on the details to get this event really hopping, but First we need to hear from YOU. We’ll have details on group hotel rates coming shortly. Please R.S.V.P your interest in attending to Megan (our Queen of Chat) at and we will send you more information via email.
Get ready to PAINT THE TOWN PINK with Boutique Cafe! more details to follow…
We’re packing up the studio and taking it on the Road! Join Daria, Megan, Amelia and Emily from Boutique Cafe for an all girls weekend in Salt Lake City this April. We’re excited to meet with designers, buyers and show fans at this event, but take heed - it’s a Girls Only weekend.

The power of light!

Aaaaah! I love the relaxing effects of candlelight. I love how candles can add so much to a room, color, scent, style, etc. I don't often actually light mine because my son loves to blow them out as soon as I get them lit and likes to get as close as he can to them. Even if they are up high! OY! BUT - I was able to to light a few of them the other night before he discovered them and blew them out. *sigh* oh well! ;)

AIR!!! I need air!

UGh! anyone else tired of winter??! ME!!!! It's been waayyy to cold here to play outside and my kids are feeling it - Major Cabin fever and bouncing off the walls! HELP ME!!!! Luckily we had a mild day and we went busting out into the fresh air and beautiful sunshine! *sigh* Breathe it in deep - it only lasted one day. :(

Monday, January 22, 2007

Clickety click - January

Welcome to the Main event! (and the crowd goes wild!) Every month on we have a surprise Clicking Spree day! It's YOUR chance to click around on the ads on the site and post your comments for a chance to win some great swag! This month all the prizes are centered around BABIES!!! Come play! It's alot of fun and this month it's a special 3 day event!You have Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to POST and WIN!!! So go - get clicking!!!

Mosaic Minnie

Thanks to the girls of Silvermoon boutique and inviting me for their fabulous Magazine inspired launch! I chose the Disney Magazine and went out on a limb with this Minnie Mouse "inspired" outfit. The jeans can be done in full length or Capri length. Also fabulous matching accessories of hair bows and 2 bracelets.

Blossom Street

WOWZA! don't you just love the new look of Blossom Street? It's looks fabulous! They have added some wonderful new features and also have some exciting new events and contests coming up! If you haven't signed up for their newsletter - please do so! they will keep you up to date on all the events, sales, and store stockings for all the neighborhoods. While you are there, stop by my store in the Villa Fresca neighborhood.
I will be stocking some new items for WOMEN this week!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Love notes

Hear ye! Hear ye! Queen Sophie is back to let you proclaim your love on the AIR!!! Tell your sweetie how you feel, propose marriage, send your kids a special note or even surprise grandma! The possibilities are endless. But you have to act fast for your chance to big and win a spot for your love note to be read on the Valentine's day podcast! It's a special event! The note can be read by YOU, the host Daria, or Sophie herself. Snatch up your spot today! Click here

Saturday, January 20, 2007

We ARE...........

MARSHALL!! My husband and I went to see the movie, "We are Marshall" last night for date night. The movie was fantastic but what was even better was the off chance of who sat next to us in the Theatre. It was an older couple and I couldn't help but notice and listen to the comments he was making to his lady friend during the movie. It sounded like he had lived in Huntington where the movie took place and even knew some of the people! I thought, "no way!" I wanted to talk with him after the movie had ended but he got up and left so quickly. We were able to catch up with them and I asked if he was from there. It turns out that he is from there and is personally friends with most of the Main story characters. He grew up just a couple of blocks from the surviving Coach Red Dawson. He still holds season tickets and attends all the games, can ramble off stats, players names and facts about different games throughout past seasons. "I've stuck with them through thick and thin" He said.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Love is in the Air!

Now posted for your shopping pleasure is Valentine's day gift guides galore!!! So many fun "shops" to get an unique gift other than flowers and chocolates for your special someone! You can find a list of wonderful guides HERE. I just LOVE to the vintage pendents found on Roxis Friends Vday gift guide! hint, hint!


My Daughter was able to see a the sold out play last night of High School Musical. She had the best time and the highlight of the evening came at the close of the play when the cast comes out to sign the posters everyone had bought before the show started. She got "Troy", "Gabriella", and "Sharpays" autograph. I couldn't wipe the smile off her face last night.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Grab it!

Ooooo! The temptation of the grab bag! What will be inside? Well I have to say that THESE grab bags looks fantastic! is clearing out her inventory! $15.00 a BAG!!! and each one will contain a mirror and belt! Many will have purses, eye pillows and wallets too. Sounds like a good deal for $15.00 to get some great chic stuff! Grab your bag HERE

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Let's Accessorize!!!

Every month on in the Chat forum I post my Monthly Accessory "finds". Custom Boutique finds from the Ebay Boutique community, Blossom Street and Etsy as well. Just an extra little traffic and exposure to those independent designers whose items tickle my fancy. Some of the designers will even throw alittle kick back to YOU if you purchase one of the designs I have featured and mention you saw it there! How cool is that?If you want the scoop - here's the link for January! Oh! and I LOVE bags and purses! *sigh* Just wish I had more! ;)

It's an honor....

"Just to nominated." right?? Well I am honored that I was nominated for the first "design of the Year" contest held at A pair of my women's jeans are up for voting along with some ADORABLE children's outfits! Today's the last day to vote! Take a peek at the all the nominees!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


If you haven't heard of this site yet let me be the first to tell you about it! has quickly become a rage in the sewing/creating community. It was a genius idea by Kim the owner and it is such a great resource to create items for your home and family. The site is full of "how to" ebooks which are quickly downloadable upon purchase and give you detailed step by step instructions including PICTURES every step of the way! Take a peek at what is new on the site! Oh! and I am an author as well! Just click on the picture to see all the site has to offer.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Spring peek!

I just recieved photos from Carrie - of Madi in one of my outfits for Spring. Here's a special sneak peek for you! My new favorite color combination right now is Teal and Red! don't you just love it? Thank you Carrie and Madi - the photos are just wonderful as usual! Now............bring on the Sun!

When I am not raising my kids, running a household, designing, sewing, promoting, answering emails and all the other things I do all day you can find me at! I run the Chat forum there, help with giveaways, advertise promotions and contests and chat it up with other business women and Mommies about all sorts of topics! I have been dubbed the Queen of CHAT over there! LOL!! Come by and visit us here!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Shaggy Introduction

Hello my name is Megan and I am an independent designer. I create outfits for children and now for women and Hot moms too! My signature piece is my "Shaggy Mosaic" Jeans collection. I launched my Women's Line on the web this Fall and since then have added Women's tops and aprons as well for those that want to add a bit of color and unique style to their everyday wear. You can view my complete website and online shop at

It's about TIME!

Well I am crawling out of the stone ages and joining the blogging craze! hehehe. My blog will give you an insight into my business and designs. You will also get a peek at my family life and what I do all day balancing business and family. You'll get updates of new clothing lines, what's available for sale, giveaways, exciting news, etc. Now, on with the show!