Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Hello! Have your changed your bookmark yet? All my curent happenings are on my new blog! Some of you have been coming here and using the link from the post below which takes you to my new blog but it only takes you to my Fabric Fortune Cookie Tutorial. I've made several posts since then - SO follow this link HERE and play catch up with all that I have gabbin' about! (wink)


Saturday, February 9, 2008

New Tutorial!

I just uploaded a new tutorial on my NEW blog so please scoot on over there and check it out! It's a great Valentine's Day project and beyond! this will probably be my last post here so change your blog roll link so you can check out my new blog often :)

thanks! Enjoy your weekend.

Friday, February 8, 2008

I've MOVED!!!

I know I've been missing and after a few emails and phone calls about it (feelin' the love here - thank you) I've decided to DEBUT what I've been up to!!! It's a bit early but if you follow this LINK you will find out all the details. The picture gives you alittle hint too.......hummmmm.......curious yet? So click here to find out!!!

I'll see you there! - xo Meg

Saturday, February 2, 2008

It's a SUPER-Sale weekend!!!!

After clearing out some extra stuff last week, now I need to clear out some "good stuff" - my designs! It's Super Bowl weekend so I have priced all my inventory at SUPER clearance prices!!!

I've hinted at some changes for a few months now and I promise to reveal a BIG one soon!!! For now, enjoy some STEALS, Deals and major bargains! I've listed it all on ebay and you can find the auctions HERE.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

SPC - celebrate - LOVE

Hello!!! I haven't forgotten about my blog or all my blogging friends. I've just been busy getting my new studio/office space set up. I PROMISE to share photos soon! Here's my last picture for January's theme of celebrate for the Self Portrait Challenge. I'm celebrating love this week as I feel pretty lucky that after 10 years of marriage, 4 kids and all that life throws at us, we still love have each other. *sigh* lucky me.

you can check out week1 and week2 as well.

Friday, January 25, 2008

A Book or a Movie?

We just received a fresh batch of snow last night. Not alot, but enough to make driving not the most pleasant experience and also keep the weather FREEZING! brrrr! So if you have plans to "stay in" this weekend I'd love to recommend a little fun reading for you. This is for pure enjoyment which is something I hadn't delved into for a LONG time. Have you heard of the Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyer? There are currently 3 in the series with a 4th due out this fall and the first book is currently being made into a movie! I have several friends and family members reading them. The word about them here sort of spread like wild fire. Anyway, I really enjoyed them and think you would too! Snuggle down, you're in for a long night! Once you start reading it will be hard to stop! (I read all three in a week!)

I also received a sweet email from a fellow blogger who was sharing her excitement for her friend who has just published her first children's book. I love a good children's book and have thought several times about wanting to publish a few myself ;) . It's always fun to celebrate with someone else on their success, especially a fellow woman and mother! You can check out her newly published book here. Congratulations to you Marinda!

If you are in the mood for going out, I just saw 27 dresses and loved it! Definately a good chic flick! Grab a couple of girlfriends and enjoy yourself this weekend! Or grab your significant other and go see P.S. I love you. REALLY loved that one!

Whatever you choose to do I hope you have a great weekend! xo - Meg

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Yard SALE!!!!

(update: All groups have been claimed except group 12 - THANK YOU!!!)

Hello! Who's ready for a bargain? My sewing studio is "under construction" and there's alot going on in there and coming up in the year 2008! I'm very excited but the process is going a little slower than I'd like ;)

Anyway, I have been cleaning out and organizing as my studio gets re-arranged and I have some items that I need to purge! I'd love to pass a bargain along to YOU - all my crafty friends or moms hunting for bargain!! I have several "blanks" perfect for embellishing, bulking up your child's wardrobe, etc - t-shirts, tank tops, jeans, mini skirts, jackets and more! Take a peek below - first come first served. I do ask that all payments are made via paypal within 48 hours of invoice sent. All shipments will be made by Priority Mail as well.

SO - send me an email - info@creativeoutletdesigns.com - tell me what "Group #" you'd like, what your paypal addy is and zip code. I will sell by the group only. I'd rather not split up the items in the groups. If you want more than one "Group" - GREAT!!! I will then invoice you and get it shipped your way ASAP once your invoice is paid. I need to clear this out and I'd love to give you a great deal for helping me out!!! (perfer USA shipping)

Let's get shopping!

Group #1 - Womens Cropped denim Jackets - $42.00 (= $7.00 each) + shipping

NEW w/tags - 6 womens cropped distressed womens jackets. Brand: Levi -retail for $44.00

2 darker denim size Med
2 darker denim size Large
2 lighter denim size XL

perfect for resale or to embellish!

Group #2

- girls Tank tops - WHITE - $8.00 (=$1.00 each) + shipping

NEW! 8 brand new white tank tops by Bella Baby and Bella Girl

12-18M - 1
18-24m - 2
2T - 1
3T - 1
4T - 1

non ribbed:
size 6/8 - 1

Group #3 - Girls Tank Tops - BROWN - $6.00 (=$1.00 each) + shipping

NEW in packaging 6 Old Navy ribbed tank tops.

2T - 1
3T - 1
4T - 1
5T - 1
S(6-7) - 2

(see photo above)

Group #4 - T-shirts - SIZE 12m -2T (white and black) - $8.00 (=$1.00 each) + shipping

NEW t-shirts. A mix of fitted and "box" style tshirts. Perfect for girls and boys! Ready for you to embellish and create your designs on!

12m Rabbit Skins - 1
18m Rabbit Skins - 1
18-24M Old Navy - 1 (fitted)
2T Hanes - 3
2T Old Navy - 1 (fitted)

2T - Old Navy - 1 (fitted)

Group #5 - T-shirts - SIZE 3T - 5 (white and black) - $6.00 ($1.00 each) + shipping

NEW t-shirts. A mix of fitted and "box" style tshirts. Perfect for girls and boys! Ready for you to embellish and create your designs on!

3T - Hanes - 2
3T - Old Navy - 1 (fitted)
4T - Hanes - 1
5T - Old Navy - 1 (fitted)

4T - old Navy - 1 (fitted)

(see photo from group #4)

Group #6 - T-shirts - SIZE: 6-8 (white and black) - $8.00 ($1.00 each) + shipping

NEW t-shirts. A mix of fitted and "box" style tshirts. Perfect for girls and boys! Ready for you to embellish and create your designs on!

S(6-8) - Hanes - 2
Youth (Sm) - Gildan - 2
S (6-7) - Old Navy - 1 (fitted)
7 - Rabbit Skin - 2

S(6-7) - Old Navy - 1 (fitted)

(see photo from group 4)

Group #7 - SOLD

Group #8 - Jeans - Girls size 2T - $8.00 ($2.00 each) + shipping
New girls Jeans, skirt and jumper.

2T - Osh Kosh Jumper - 1
2T - mini skirt w/bloomers - 1 (adj. wasit)
2T - Old Navy Jeans - 1 (adj. waist)
2T - Riders PINK jeans - 1

Group #9 - SOLD

Group #10 - Jeans - Girls size 4T - $5.00 + shipping

New jumper and jeans.

4T - Osh Kosh denim jumper - 1 (missing front pocket) $2.00
4T - Old Navy Jeans - 1 (adj. waist) $3.00

Group #11 - Jeans - Girls size 5 - $8.00 + shipping

Brand new jeans with tags - STEAL of a price!
5T - Old Navy Jeans - 1 (adj. waist)

Group #12 - FABRIC BOX - $8.00 + shipping

A bundle of extra fabric yardage and "scraps" + 9 gift shirt boxes. Mickey/Minnie fabric, red "furry" fabric, "brown" with black design fabric (a bit stretchy 3+ yards), striped fabric, home dec. flower and pink gauze type fabric. perfect for crafty projects!

Group #13 - Fabric stash - $7.00 + shipping

Lots of different fabric pieces. All different amount and some have random cuts made out of them :) 8 from the Dick and Jane line, 7 "back to school" themed fabrics and 8 basketball themed ones. Great for small or pieced projects.

hopefully you see something that you could use for a GREAT price! I'd love to sent some of this your way! I look forward to your emails - first come first served!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

SPC - Celebrate ~ My Style

Self Portrait Challenge - wk 2 for me of the current theme of Celebrate. After many requests for more photos after last weeks post I wanted to share another favorite. Growing up is a fun and challenging thing ;) and after ten years of marriage it was great to capture some artistic "wedding" photos that really reflect my artistic bold style. Thanks again to Vikki our photographer!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Storm.....

"Life's not about waiting for the storm to pass,
it's about learning to dance in the rain"

If you know me or frequent my blog you know I LOVE quotes! I just came across this quote(thanks lil' sis) I couldn't resist sharing with you in hopes that maybe you will be inspired as I have been.

So, let's not wait for tomorrow to be better. Let's dance today!


Do it together,

or go at it alone.

Run into it,

or go at your own pace.

Enjoy your Monday and the "storms" of life today. How will you approach them now? xo- M

Friday, January 18, 2008

May I have the envelope please.....

WOW! A huge thank you to everyone for all their well wishes and sweet words on my 300th post! It's so nice hearing that you enjoy the quiky things I blog about and through my projects, photos, etc you too get inspired. I couldn't ask for anything better!

So do you want to know who won a free DIY kit from me???? Nah! I didn't think so!

oh wait! you do????

Well then, Congratulations to Jeanetta of Splendid Things! She was the lucky number chosen by the random number generator. Email me asap to claim which DIY kit you would like!

And now onto something else fun! I love photos! I love blogs that have photos and I love to see what people have created and how they have captured that in a photo. Plus, like I've said before, "What's a blog post without a photo?" tee hee hee. So here's a look and peek - ( I know! don't you hate me already for giving just a peek!) of a few projects I've had my hands in this week!


A "Before" project

not quite ready to reveal this one - or the colors behind it ;)

more to come next week! Make it a great weekend. xo - M

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

SPC - Celebrate ~ 10 years

Self Portrait Challenge theme this month is Celebrate. I couldn't resist sharing a photo from a photoshoot I had this weekend. My ten year wedding anniversary is coming up so my husband and I fused our style from then with who we are now and posed for some very artistic un-conventional "wedding" photos. It was a so much fun and I was grateful that I was still able to slip into my dress after 10 years. The photos were taken in an adandoned house and barn where I was NOT afraid to get the dress dirty for sake of art! LOL!!! Plus it starting snow ALOT out of the blue right before we started! The whole day was a complete adventure! I think 10 years is worthy of alittle celebration.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Midwest looks pretty good!

Wow! have you seen the new fabric line Midwest Modern from Amy Butler? Gorgeous! although I'm not surprised coming from her, but she never ceases to surprise me with each line! Each one so different, lovely and inspiring and just as beautiful as the last.

Here's a peek at the fabrics coming soon - April 2008!

you can see all the fabrics by clicking here. So do you have any standout favorites! I certainly do and I already know what I'd LOVE to make with them! Happy drooling! ;)

Sunday, January 13, 2008

300th post party - Celebrate!!!!!

WOW! one year of blogging, 300 posts later and it's party time!!!! It's been way to much fun sharing, connecting, meeting and chatting with all of you and so many more who stop by quietly. I appreciate you too! So.........on with the show right? Let's go!

I know you may think I have been dragging out the 300th post - you're right. I sort of have been. I *had* this great idea and wanted to create a tutorial but I had the darnest time finding the supplies. I use to be able to get them at my local hardware store but alas, those days are gone. I searched high and low and even drove to the neighboring cities to no avail. I guess that project will need re-vamped before it gets posted. Having said that, I had to come up with a new project to share for our big event here - hence the delay. But, what better for a party than Party HATS!!!! custom of course and sooooo whatever style/theme you choose! That's the best isn't it?

Custom Party Crowns

(Be sure to upload your photos from trying this project into the Brassy Apple Projects Flickr group!)

1. Start by gathering your "royal" supplies:
fabric of choice
bias tape
rick rack
extra fabric scraps
and other fun embelishments
You will need: fusible fleece or heavy fusible interfacing

2. Create a pattern for your crown shape using a piece of paper. If you like winging it just skip this step.

3. Fuse your fleece or interfacing to the wrong side of your fabric per the manufacturers instructions. You may want to use 2 layers for a more stiff effect/feel. Play around with what works best for you.

4. Place your crown pattern on top of the fuse area, trace and cut.

5. Now the fun begins! Embellishing! Get your children involved! they'll love it! I added complimentary double folded bias tape to the bottom edge. Just place, pin and sew. Cut out other fun fabric shapes to put on your crown too. Using craft glue, hot glue, thread, heat n' bond, etc attach your embelishments. The skies the limit so go for it!

5. Measure the crown around your childs head to find a good fit. Pin and sew your crown closed. I folded under my edge for a nice clean finished look.

6. Hold an royal coronation ceremony and crown your newest King and Queen!

Now that the royal court has been tended to, it's time for a giveaway! For stopping by and saying hello I will be giving one lucky person a free DIY kit! You can choose from any that are in stock on my website! I will draw one lucky winner on Friday!!!! So hurry and post away!!!

**Be sure to include your email addy so if you win I can contact you!!!** thanks again! xo - Meg

Friday, January 11, 2008

Double tagged! I'm it!

Wow! the 300th post is looming and there's been so much I've wanted to say but because the 300th post will be a celebration one I've had to pull back on the bloggin' reigns until we get to that one! Stay tuned for it - it's coming next! I've got a fun GIVEAWAY and special project tutorial just for you!

This past week I was double tagged by a Wendy and Emily. Wendy tagged me to share a series of things about myself in 4's. I got that tag back in August from another blogger and as I looked over the list I realized nothing had really changed. Here's the list. I hope this is not cheating. ;) Thanks for the tag Wendy!

Emily tagged me with a challenge! One that I almost shyed away from BUT.............. I did it anyway. Here's the assignment:

Link to the person who tagged you: Emily

Imagine you could send a letter back in time to yourself, when you were 13 years old, what would you write to yourself? (yikes!!!)

Tag someone else! I'm going to tag my cousin ! tee hee hee!

Ok here goes!

To Megan,

*sigh* where do I begin. The teenage years are going to be rough but fun too! Don’t start worrying now, I know you too well. There’s so much you are finding out about yourself and others and where you fit into all of it. I know you feel like you are so different than others yet the same with them too. Hold your head high and just be yourself – the self you know way down deep. Continue to be friendly to those around you and reach out to everyone. You’d be surprised actually how many people admire you and watch what you do that you aren’t aware of. You have so many gifts and talents still to discover and I promise you will surprise yourself one day. Keep following your dreams tucked away inside and do the things you love to do!

Switching gears from the emotional side of things, DON’T let that counselor sway you out of talking that pottery class! I know it will be hard but he and your Dad will hash it out later and you will always wish you had but feel like it’s too late to try now. DO take a photography class. It’s something you’ve always loved, you know that, but don’t let the feelings of being not good enough as the other students stop you. If you don’t, you’ll end up hyper ventilating on your way to a class at a university when you are 29 years old while your husband and kids are at home. You’ll love it then, I promise, but you will wish you hadn’t waited so long. Oh! And take a dance class now! Try to convince your mom to squeeze it into the budget for a weekly class. You’ll thank me later!

I know there are so many things you love so go after all of them! Remember your standards, you never had a hard time doing that but I just thought I’d throw that in there at the end for good measure.


whew!!! it was sort of fun to reflect waaaaay back then ;) and bit emotional too! Have a great weekend! see you next week for the 300th celebration!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - The Best New Years Kiss!

For more wordless wednesday photos from all over the world please visit here and here.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Sew Inspiring!!!!

I am a HUGE fan of Amy Butler! I love her fabrics, designs, patterns, books, etc. Is there anything this woman can't do? Truly talented and so inspiring for so many women out there. I just stumbled upon this contest today and I just have to share it with all of you!

Craft Magazine and a few other sponsors JUST started this contest! Use one of Amy's patterns, her fabric, or just make something that was inspired by her very distinct style. Upload your photos into their flickr group and Amy HERSELF will be picking the top winner and the runners up! Sounds like the sky is the limit here! You can check out all the details about it here and the update on the contest here. Good luck and keep me posted if you enter your design!!!! I want to cheer you on!

and don't forget to check out my post below about a contest for the kiddos!

Calling all "young" budding artists!

Company Kids is having an Art Contest! If you an artist that is 10 years or younger they are invited to participate. Have them draw a picture based on any of the Company Kids Bedding collections and enter! Click the link for official rules and the entry form! Plus check out the fun prizes too! The good news is this contest just started and all entries aren't due until March so you have plenty of time! Good luck to all those budding artists out there!

Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!

Just popping in to say "HELLO! and Happy New Year!" I really didn't have any great picture to add to this post and I always think a post is more interesting with a photo or two to go along with it. Don't you think? So I ran into the guest bath, no primping, and snapped a photo of ME saying hello to you! LOL!!! So this is how I would look if you stopped by right now to wish me a Happy New year! ta da!

I am bursting at the seams with ideas, plans and exciting changes both in business and my own personal life. I love the start of something new - like a new year - to start over, change, re-arrange, re-evaluate and get re-inspired! Can you tell I'm bursting! :)

I'm also just a few posts away from my 300th post and my 1 year Blog anniversary! My goodness I've been a Chatty Cathy! So much has been cataloged here on my little blog for all to see and I've met so many great friends , customers and faithful readers along the way. (and some that stop by that have yet to voice a hello - wink)

So having said that - my 300th post with be a big celebration! Be sure to stop by SOON to party and celebrate with me if you are not too "partied out" from the Holidays!

My biggest wishes sent to you for a wonderful 2008 full of all you hope it holds for you and your family! - xo Megan