Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Welcome Mat

Here's an interesting observation and thought. When you come home do you enter through your front door? OR - do you enter through the garage door? I find it funny that the majority of the public spends alot of money making a grand entrance to the front of their house - high arches, stone, beautiful door, extra windows and glass, plants, pots, etc when the person living in that house does not hardly ever use it! LOL!!! As we exit and enter our house it is always through the garage door that leads into our home. We seldom use the front door unless people stop by and with the Winter season still here - most neighbors and friends are still hybernating in their houses. ;) I am making this observation because the other day I watched a solicter leave an avon book in a plastic bag on my front door handle. Since I don't use that door all the time I forgot about it until the next day when I was walking home with my daughter from school. I also noticed that half of the neighborhood still had their bags hanging on their doors a day later as well. So we must present a GRAND front entrance to impress those stopping by and welcome them as they come is my guess. And I of course will be following suite to the masses by sprucing up our entrance with large pots full of flowers and greenery when the weather warms up. LOL!!! I sound just like my Dad. :)


Anonymous said...

Is this your beautiful front entrance?

CreativeOutletDesigns said...

Ooooo I wish! I have always loved a red and this red door just makes such a statement!