Saturday, June 30, 2007

and we have a WINNER!

whew! what a week! Lots of sun, fun and dirt too! LOL!!! It was so nice to come home to lots of fun emails from you and be able to read all the fun things you do while the "mouse" is away! I can relate to alot of you! ;)

But I'm sure you don't really want to hear much about my week - so onto the winners! Thanks again for playing and helping me clear alittle space! The winner of the Minnie Mouse size 4 top is.................Stephanie M. - CONGRATULATIONS!

and the winner of the Women's Lotus Mosaic XL top is..................Kara!!!! CONGRATS!!!

Please email me asap at info at with your shipping address and I will get this mailed out to you!

thank you! thank you!

Monday, June 25, 2007

GIVEAWAY........while the bloggers away.........

So I heading to NATURE for the week! *sigh* I can smell the fresh air and taste the smores already! I'll be helping out as a leader at a youth girls camp. No sleep, pranks, hiking, canoeing, chatting about boys - what could be better! LOL! I am excited to go but have million things to get done! And while I'm away I thought it would be fun to let all of you PLAY!

I'm doing a giveaway and moving out some inventory to make space for more projects. teeheehee. A couple of tops that I couldn't sell so hopefully I can give them away! If they are the right size for you for someone in your family then snatch at the chance to get one for free!

Heading to disneyland? I have a size 4 Minnie Halter top ready to see the Magical Kingdom with you! and I also have something for the women! A size XL dark blue Mosaic top designed with Amy Butler's Lotus fabric. Great for now and great for fall as well!

I have a chance to win one of these great tops just post a comment! I'd love to hear how you play with the "mouse" is away! I'll share one of my things first. Usually when my husband is gone, I for some reason, get in the re-decorating mode! LET'S go shopping!!! I like to find something new or fun, rearrange furniture, etc. Not sure why but the urge usually strikes me everytime. Another way I "play" is there isn't alot of cooking going on when my hubby is gone. I like to take the kids out for dinner or we'll hit grandmas too on occasion. YOUR TURN! how do you play?

The 2 LUCKY winners will be posted first part of next week when I return! Until then, happy posting!

And a last little gentle reminder that my girls chocolate lollipop mosaic outfit and matching Tank top auction will end early Thursday evening! Don't miss it!

SPC - Environment (week 2)

Normally I would post my new Self Portrait Challenge picture on Tuesday but I am heading out of town EARLY tomorrow morning and instead of missing out on posting it - I'll just post alittle early. Do ya mind? ;)

Here's my second picture for this months theme of "Environment" This is one of my favorite environments to be in. Swimming in a sea of fabrics, colors, patterns and creating something new and fun!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Do you ETSY?

Do you *heart*Etsy? Do you love to shop there? Do you sell there? I love browsing around all the talent and checking out the fun, unique goods. I recently bought a cute business card holder from Violets are Blue. And of course it was designed in my 2 favorite colors - black and white! LOL!!!

I've been contemplating opening a shop on etsy to sell my designs for sometime now. I'd love some feedback from buyers and sellers alike. Do you have a shop? post the link in the comments section and give me the dish on the good, bag and the ugly. *snicker* How's traffic? Do you sell what you would like to out of it each month? Give me the dish! I'd love to hear it and would appreciate it to!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Good enough to eat!

I teased earlier about another yummy design coming using the scrumptious fabrics from the Chocolate Lollipop fabric line. Have I used enough descriptive words yet? LOL! yes? good. As promised - here it is!

A beautiful collaboration and combination of fabrics, styles and designs between myself and Sandi of portabellopixie. We ended up both guesting with the ladies of the ebay boutique group Persnickety for a "Camden Market" launch.

Sandi created a beautiful dress with loads of details and finishing touches only Sandi can do! I created a fun "blouse" tank top with funky mismatched buttons and of course my signature Shaggy Mosaic jeans layered up with lots of different colors, patterns and shapes. The 2 outfits pair up well together and will be so versatile in her summer and fall wardrobe.

You can see more fun projects and designs using the chocolate lollipop fabrics in the Chocolate Lollipop flickr group! So if you are needing a fix for your sweet tooth without any guilt - go take a peek!

Playing with the ABC'S


I'm having waaaaay to much fun with this! Is that possible??? I have a love affair with letters anyway. *sigh* I love large LeTTers used in home decor - wood, metal, new or shabby. Have a special interest in puncuation marks too. My favorite? the "and" sign -& - . Strange I know! LOL!!! LOVE old type writer letter keys too. And I love to be able to play around with really fun and funky fonts or digital scrapbook alphabets. Not sure why - I just do. I will someday have a wall like this that she created and posted on her blog House on Hill Road. Of course the letter of choice will be different but you get the idea.

I naturally sprung on this site when I saw it posted on Amelias blog. You can type in any word and it creates it with all these GREAT photos of letters. AND you can even change the photo by clicking on the letter until you find one that "speaks to you". Like I said WAAAAAAY to much fun! Daria also caught onto how much fun this was and posted what her name looked like here! Anyone else want to join in the fun? I'd love to check it out on your blog as well!

Speaking of letters, I have dabbled a bit with painting letters and decorating them in the past. My son's bedroom wall showcases the words, "YEEHAW" all painted in coordinating western colors and designs. I also picked up a LARGE white lower case Q at a craft store about a month ago. It was on clearance and I couldn't pass it up for the price. Such a large canvas just staring at me, begging to be "dressed up"! Now what I am going to do with a Q you ask? Just take a look!

To the average eye and quick glance it's just a small "q" - as that is the way it was packaged. BUT - I saw it in a whole different light. Just a simple turn and flip and I have 4 different letters to choose from! "q", "p", "b" and "d". Now I've got LOTS of possibilities. Could be a used as a monogram letter for my last name, thought about using it as a "b" and placing it inside a great old funky large frame in one of my bathrooms. I love frames too but that's another story for another day! I have a few more ideas floating around as options for this "letter". Now just need to decide on one and get the project done! Here's a few lettering eye candy treats for you. Love this "SEW" lettering and this blog - Say it with letters.

Do you have any FUN letters at your house or letting projects going on? OH! and if anyone knows of a place or catalog that I can get a "&" - I would appreciate it!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

SPC - Environment

I am jumping on the SPC or self portrait challenge wagon! LOL!! Since I am usually the one behind the camera and don't make an "appearance" at family functions or just daily activities when you look through the photos - *sigh*- I decided to take on this challenge to not only snap a few shots of myself but continue to stretch my skills and creativity. That and I don't want the only pictures of me at my funeral to be some random goofy or even blurry ones! LOL!! selfish I know.

This months theme or challenge is your Environment. What's around you? I thought it would be neat to capture what's right next door to me yet will soon be gone.

Now this picture makes it look like I live way out in the sticks or that I might be a country girl but believe me I am ALL CITY! My house happens to sit at the every edge of our street and subdivision and this field has been my neighbor to the North. And as you can see from this other picture I posted, the field is very close to our house. The first year is was full of Mint which was harvested and sold to Crest, the second year it was full of sugar beets and this year it holds grain. The mint was my favorite because of the aroma. Several people from the neighborhood would walk down and snip a leaf or two and then enjoy a cup of tea. Last year it was bought by a developer and rumor has it that this is the last year it will hold crops. Next year - houses.

I captured this picture last night as the sun was going down. Sort of a farewell of sorts and wanting to capture the serenity and quiet we have enjoyed these last 2 years.

Wordless Wednesday - Bubbles

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A no calorie SWEET treat!

I've had the most fun creating this New Hostess Apron with the Chocolate Lollipop Line from Anna Maria Horner. The design just came together and the end result was like a perfect dessert! teeheehee. I uploaded a few pictures to my flickr account and also to a few flickr groups I belong to and the response has been overwhelming - THANK YOU!

The day I was really into editing the photos I was also making brownies for a local shelter lunch I was helping out with - so no help that my entire house smelled of chocolate! I left to run a few errands and could STILL smell the chocolate. I swear it had seeped into my fingertips and dreams of "chocolate lollipops" was just following me everywhere. I even at one point, wondered if I was walking around with some chocolate on my face! Delving into those fabrics is like a no calorie sweet treat. So delicious and yummy!

This apron is now up for auction on Ebay as part of the "Camden Market" themed launch I was asked to join with the ladies of the boutique Group Persnickety. Don't you just LOVE thier name! I can't say it without smiling. I started the apron at $9.99 with NO RESERVE!

So be sure to check out all the fun designs the entire group has up. I will also have 1 more design to launch with these ladies. Just waiting for the photos. ;)

And one more treat for all you apron divas - if you haven't checked out "The Apronista" blog it's a must! I recently "met" Deanna, one of the apronistas, on flickr - which lead to a series of events and emails and that is how I found her blog and a few other fun projects and groups she's involved in. She is so sweet and has featured me on the Apronista blog today! I'm thrilled and honored to be recognized by such an experienced Apron guru as I am just starting to discover my inner Apron Diva!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

"HOOAH" for Military Moms!!!

It's a big enough change bringing a new baby into the world but Military Moms whose husbands are gone overseas face an extra challenge. They have to do it alone and my hat goes off to them! I recently heard about the opportunity to participate in a Military Baby Shower and jumped on the chance! and were teaming up to "shower" 17 Military Moms at Fort Bragg who had just recently had babies or were due very soon. Some are Military wives and some were members of the unit. I designed camo onesies with my signature "shaggy layered" look in the form of a star on the front and the phrase, "HOOAH" on the back and then shipped them off with lots of love and gratitude towards these families.

You can watch the VIDCAST here and even catch a glimpse of my onesies on the coverage NBC 14 did on the baby shower.
They are also getting set up to have more baby showers so if you are interested in particpating make sure to contact them for more details!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Baggin' it

Mission Accomplished! I had the fun opportunity to be "guest Host" of the Fashion Forward Friday Challenge on last week. It was all about bags! Latest trends, what the celebs are toting around and of course the fun part - SHARING YOUR OWN favorite bag. I challenged eveyone to share pictures of their favorite bag(s) and/or snap some paparazzi shots of their own. It's been fun blog hopping to check out all the faves. And of course what would a host be if she didn't take her own challenge, eh? I tried to fashion my shots after the style I have seen the paparazzi take of celebrities. LOL!!! I felt alittle silly setting up the tripod out in front of my house and trying to capture that "paparazzi" feel and look but it actually turned out to be alot of fun! and if you are sensing a trend in the color ( love that LIMEY green) so am I! LOL!!

These are two of my "most" used bags right now. The one on the right I was lucky enough to snag at when a friend spotted them online and shared the info. I was surprised to see amy butler fabrics being massed produced but loved it anyway! The other bag on the left is one of the bags I will usually be seen toting to church. It holds small books, papers, crayons, etc to help my children sit quietly yet still looks fashionable for me.

You still have until next Friday - when the new Fashion Forward topic gets posted - to jump aboard and play! I'd love to hop around to more blogs and check out what you are "toting" around!

Ode to "Dad"

It's a quiet relaxing Sunday here. Dad's just enjoyed a yummy special lunch and has retired to the couch to watch some golf and probably catch a Sunday cat nap or two. The kids made breakfast for him and have tried really hard to be on their best behavior. One Father's day tradition we have which started last year, is to give "DAD" pictures. Last year was our first year and so this year we updated them. I got the idea from Carrie when she shared it last year on an ebay board I was a part of. She has been doing them for awhile professionaly and encouraged everyone to show their own. Here is mine from last year:

and here is this years. awww! look how much they have changed! They will look great in Daddy's new office.

Happy Father's day to all the dads and men out there who have influenced our lives!

Friday, June 15, 2007


*snicker* I get to be the guest host today for Fashion forward Friday on Our resident Fashion Guru Amelia, is away and has asked me to fill in for her. Today the topic is all about BAGS! What's the latest trends, who is sporting why type of bag and more importantly - what do YOU LOVE and carry? I've posted some fun shots the paparazzi took catching celebritys and their trendy bags NOW I Challenge you to whip our your cameras and show us your favorite summer bags! Be your own paparazzi and share what you love about that bag or BAGS you show us! For some extra added fun snag a Fashion Forward Friday logo and post all your fun pictures on your blog but be sure to share the link with all of us on the FFF post!

*click, pose, snap, wave!* watch out for the paparazzi! they are around every corner! I love bags but am really a bag virgin compared to most! I know there are some more experienced "bag ladies" out there so stop by and chat it up with us!

and if you are in a shopping mood, I just listed 2 Cherry Hostess Aprons in my Blossom Street shoppe! The first one was snatched up so fast and shipped off to Australia! They are ready made and would love to adorn your waist at your next hosting event!...........Wear it, love it, "own" it.......C.O.Designs

Thursday, June 14, 2007

looking for a giveaway?

Are you on my mailing list??? I have a few designs that apparently I can't sell so maybe I can GIVE them away. *snicker* So I'm going to do a mailing list giveaway!!! You only have a few days to sign up before I send out the newsletter! Just enter your email addy in the box on the right and submit it! Thanks!

Model Search!

If you hadn't already heard Company kids is looking for models for their print and online catalogs for 2008! I KNOW there are LOTS of cuties out there and LOTS of children that already model in the Boutique community! So.............don't be shy and don't be slow! I think the deadline for entry is coming up SOON!!! good luck!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Wordless Wednesday - Summer

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Monday, June 11, 2007

Steals, deals and finds

I have 3 fun designs ENDING today - TUESDAY. You can check out the good deals here. All 3 have FREE shipping in the USA! Also Ending THURSDAY is my girls western Mosaic outfit ready to be shipped! It's a steal of a price too!

Also - I am taking my usual monthly accessory finds on and merging them with Daria's finds on a daily basis. I will be sharing some fun boutique fashion and accessory finds on ebay and etsy. If you have a suggestion send it my way! Today's feature is a CA-UTE "playful puppy" outfit done by boutiquegenmarie.

Dont miss out on the steals, deals and finds! take a peek and grab yourself some fun Boutique stuff!

It's biz baby

I recieved my new business cards that I designed myself last week and was SO excited with the result. It was great to actually SEE them in person and feel the glossy finish. *snicker* Pardon me for getting so excited over a small piece of paper. I have a new tag line as well..........Love it, Wear it, "own" it - which is included on the back of the card. Now I'm excited to start mailing them out with my custom orders! teeheehee

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Meet Sandi Henderson

I was able to meet up with Sandi Henderson of Portabellopixie in Salt Lake City in April. She is such a nice person. You just instantly feel comfortable around her and she is very easy to talk to.

Sandi had some big plans that she gave us a little sneak peek into back in April but Daria now has the full scoop and details to boot! The newest podcast on BoutiqueCafe is a wonderful interview with Sandi and her exciting news about her Fabric line - Ginger Blossom - coming out this fall. She takes us through the process, her first time at Market and what she is working on now. It's so great to see an indie designer like herself going for and achieving her dream! I can't wait to SEE the fabric line and get my hands on some too! She's a wonderful inspiration to all designers and mommies that you can do both! So hurry on over and get your "cup of couture" this weekend with Sandi Henderson on Boutiquecafe.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Summer Break!

Now that summer is here - although you wouldn't know it today - it's FREEZING here! I am getting ready to take alittle summer break from sewing customs, launches and slowing down. I am still working on a few last pieces and of course gearing up for FALL and back to school - BUT - in the mean time I am clearing out a few pieces I still have hanging around. All items are READY made and BEGGING to be shipped to you! Most of the items have FREE shipping in the USA too! yippee!!! Take a peek HERE at what I have up for auction on Ebay!

Monday, June 4, 2007

And the Nominees are........

I had the chance to attend the "Academy Awards" this weekend and even help present a few with my husband. Of course this wasn't THE Academy Awards but a special night to honor all the hard work the dancers at my daughters studio had done this past year and their teachers as well. It was a formal event and as we arrived we each received a voting sheet and we able to cast our vote in different categories like, Best Role Model, Most potential, Best Technique, Fabulous Hair and Makeup, etc. My daughter was nominated in 3 different categories and WON for Best Entertainer! She was Thrilled!!!! She was definately "feeling it" that night in her new dress, fancy hair and purse. *sigh* They grow up fast. Definately a night for the memory books!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Rub a dub dub.....

A makeover for the TUB! Well the entire bathroom actually! I often refer to the upstairs bathroom as the "forgotten room". No one every uses it. My kids will come all the way downstairs to use one of the bathrooms instead of using the one closest as hand. Even in the middle of the night! *sigh* I don't quite understand it but I decided that it DEFINATELY needed a makeover and as oprah has said, "claim you space!"

A few months ago, when I got this wild hair to re-do the upstairs bathroom, I slowly started to collect items for the room. I didn't know all at once what I wanted to do. But from the picture below, you can see that it needed something - anything! LOL!!! Note the broken towel bar which my son hung on, the broken toilet paper holder as well. *sigh* My hubby didn't really bother to put those projects on top of his "Honey DO List." WhY would he when no one ever uses it!?! You can also see the mismatched touch up paint on the walls too. Just a hair of a shade different MAKES a HUGE difference. And the shower curtain? well, I threw that up there when we moved in alittle over a year ago so we could use the shower if needed, not forseeing then that we really would never use it.

My first idea came from a large pineapple shaped item I saw in the lawn and garden section of a local discount store. I Loved when I saw it then and was kicking myself that I hadn't picked it up months ago when I first saw. BUT to my luck and surprise when I went back to the store and they had one left for me! I started with that piece and built the rest of the room around it. Not to my surprise, I gravitated towards a black and white shower curtain. Is it strange to have black and white be your favorite colors??? I of course searched for the one I liked best and even found it on sale. So I was going with a black/white/green theme with some accents of silver. Too much? not enough? I wasn't sure.

Slowly but surely I found all the pieces that I felt would complete the room and I must mention there is nothing like company coming to light a fire underneath yourself to complete projects, clean up the "piles" of mail and whatnot to really get some of your "TO DOS"..... DONE! *snicker* I broke out the paint can and brushes LATE one night and had FINALLY retouched all the mismatched paint on the walls. Sad to think I had been putting it off for so long and it only took me a fraction of time. and the results? SOOO much better. Waking up the next day with freshly painted walls united the room and then I stripped it, SCRUBBED it clean and attacked!!!

In no time at all it was a completely different room!! So inviting and just begging to be used. And the BEST part? I got almost everything on sale or at discount and used alittle creativity to enhance the items I had bought to fit the room. So.......come upstairs and take a peek with me.

Rub a dub dub

a madeover tub

in black and white and green.........

Friday, June 1, 2007

Clicking Spree - ME!

ACT FAST! you only have a few hours left at a chance to snag a FREE mosaic tee from me!!!! I donated a blue XL mosaic tee to the monthly clicking spree!!!! The contest started yesterday and will end this afternoon! Click here for details!