Friday, June 15, 2007


*snicker* I get to be the guest host today for Fashion forward Friday on Our resident Fashion Guru Amelia, is away and has asked me to fill in for her. Today the topic is all about BAGS! What's the latest trends, who is sporting why type of bag and more importantly - what do YOU LOVE and carry? I've posted some fun shots the paparazzi took catching celebritys and their trendy bags NOW I Challenge you to whip our your cameras and show us your favorite summer bags! Be your own paparazzi and share what you love about that bag or BAGS you show us! For some extra added fun snag a Fashion Forward Friday logo and post all your fun pictures on your blog but be sure to share the link with all of us on the FFF post!

*click, pose, snap, wave!* watch out for the paparazzi! they are around every corner! I love bags but am really a bag virgin compared to most! I know there are some more experienced "bag ladies" out there so stop by and chat it up with us!

and if you are in a shopping mood, I just listed 2 Cherry Hostess Aprons in my Blossom Street shoppe! The first one was snatched up so fast and shipped off to Australia! They are ready made and would love to adorn your waist at your next hosting event!...........Wear it, love it, "own" it.......C.O.Designs


Seeker said...

LOL! are so cute! I love your enthusiasm...and the fun twist you put on this with the paparazzi thing and sharing our could anyone turn this challenge down? I'll be on board, although it might be a couple days...hmm, I may need to go bag shopping for a new one to share since I'm a bit of a "bag virgin" too, ROFL!

CreativeOutletDesigns said...

I might be a few days too so that's OK! :)

sheree said...

I shared my bag on my blog per your request Megan. :) Can't wait to see your favorite bag.