Thursday, June 21, 2007

Good enough to eat!

I teased earlier about another yummy design coming using the scrumptious fabrics from the Chocolate Lollipop fabric line. Have I used enough descriptive words yet? LOL! yes? good. As promised - here it is!

A beautiful collaboration and combination of fabrics, styles and designs between myself and Sandi of portabellopixie. We ended up both guesting with the ladies of the ebay boutique group Persnickety for a "Camden Market" launch.

Sandi created a beautiful dress with loads of details and finishing touches only Sandi can do! I created a fun "blouse" tank top with funky mismatched buttons and of course my signature Shaggy Mosaic jeans layered up with lots of different colors, patterns and shapes. The 2 outfits pair up well together and will be so versatile in her summer and fall wardrobe.

You can see more fun projects and designs using the chocolate lollipop fabrics in the Chocolate Lollipop flickr group! So if you are needing a fix for your sweet tooth without any guilt - go take a peek!


Erin said...

I LOVE THOSE JEANS!!! They are so fun!

CreativeOutletDesigns said...

ThankS Erin! Sometimes they fabrics are so fabulous they just come together so easy. ;)

Nic said...

Isn't this fabric line divine? My wip features a couple of the browns...yummy! And I love the Camden market theme--brings to mind happy memories!!

Sandi Henderson said...

Your set was so awesome Megan! Eliza doesn't know that she can't keep it yet..


Lanedesigns said...

Those jeans rock! I love them!

traci said...

Soooooo stinkin adorable!!!! You should do a womens top in that fabric... maybe size L ..hint hint..:)