Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A no calorie SWEET treat!

I've had the most fun creating this New Hostess Apron with the Chocolate Lollipop Line from Anna Maria Horner. The design just came together and the end result was like a perfect dessert! teeheehee. I uploaded a few pictures to my flickr account and also to a few flickr groups I belong to and the response has been overwhelming - THANK YOU!

The day I was really into editing the photos I was also making brownies for a local shelter lunch I was helping out with - so no help that my entire house smelled of chocolate! I left to run a few errands and could STILL smell the chocolate. I swear it had seeped into my fingertips and dreams of "chocolate lollipops" was just following me everywhere. I even at one point, wondered if I was walking around with some chocolate on my face! Delving into those fabrics is like a no calorie sweet treat. So delicious and yummy!

This apron is now up for auction on Ebay as part of the "Camden Market" themed launch I was asked to join with the ladies of the boutique Group Persnickety. Don't you just LOVE thier name! I can't say it without smiling. I started the apron at $9.99 with NO RESERVE!

So be sure to check out all the fun designs the entire group has up. I will also have 1 more design to launch with these ladies. Just waiting for the photos. ;)

And one more treat for all you apron divas - if you haven't checked out "The Apronista" blog it's a must! I recently "met" Deanna, one of the apronistas, on flickr - which lead to a series of events and emails and that is how I found her blog and a few other fun projects and groups she's involved in. She is so sweet and has featured me on the Apronista blog today! I'm thrilled and honored to be recognized by such an experienced Apron guru as I am just starting to discover my inner Apron Diva!

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Domestic Chicky said...

Love the Apron, love persnickety, love your creativity...thanks for the Apronista mention! xo ~D