Friday, December 21, 2007

Where did the willpower go?

I am assuming my will power went straight out the door as neighbors and friends have dropped by with numerous plates of goodies and delicious treats. ACK! Ususally I am pretty good but not this year! *sigh* I guess that is where New Year Resolutions kick in right?............hummmmm........probably not though for me! tee hee hee. I didn't even eat dinner yesterday because I just keep snacking on these goodies. I started compiling them all onto 1 large platter and it sets on the coutner - open, avaiable and ready for comsumption 24/7. And it's soooo good too! So bring on the pounds, I'm enjoying the Holiday Season! I hope your's is just as "sweet!"


Raquel said...

I have snooped on your post a couple of times, and I felt moved to comment this time. It is good to see that you love the sweets. You have been very inspiring to me with getting my own creative business up and running.
Thanks from a Fan, Raquel

CreativeOutletDesigns said...

oh you are so sweet Raquel. I am glad that you came out of hiding and posted a hello!