Sunday, December 2, 2007

and miles to go before we sleep.........

We are back and alive! We had the best time! I haven't walked that much in so LoooOOOOoong! LOL!!!! Overall the trip was superb! We definately had a few hangups - lost luggage, missed flights, cab rides that took 2 hours instead of 12 mins, etc - but it didn't overshadow the Magic of being in Disneyland and kicking off our Holiday Season as a family.

The kids were such troopers and so good the entire trip! I just about cried when my daughter got to meet Cinderella and she took the time to talk with her for a few minutes. The bet the women who play those princessess have cheeks that hurt by the end of the day! That is ALOT of smiling for them! ha ha!

I also surprised the kiddos with "custom" outfits made just for them to wear to Disneyland our first day there. The best compliment I received that day other than the HUGE smiles on their faces and the all the hugs and kisses when they saw the outfits, was the endless compliments/questions from people asking me what store in Disneyland I had purchased their jeans at. (insert BIG smile on my face here). The kids got alot of attention that day.

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