Thursday, January 31, 2008

SPC - celebrate - LOVE

Hello!!! I haven't forgotten about my blog or all my blogging friends. I've just been busy getting my new studio/office space set up. I PROMISE to share photos soon! Here's my last picture for January's theme of celebrate for the Self Portrait Challenge. I'm celebrating love this week as I feel pretty lucky that after 10 years of marriage, 4 kids and all that life throws at us, we still love have each other. *sigh* lucky me.

you can check out week1 and week2 as well.


Anonymous said...

4 kids? Are you pregnant? I thought you had 1 boy, 1 girl and 1 stepson?

Rebekah said...

What a wonderful, personal shot.

You are truly blessed :)

Megan said...

thanks Rebekah!

wow! very observant anonymous. Is this Traci? :)

Megan said...

OH! and by observant and I didn't mean to imply that I am pregnant b/c I am SO not! :)

Anonymous said...

Ok...THIS IS ME TRACI..LOL... absolutely gorgeous picture!! sooooo sweet.
Im with the other anonymous...I thought you had 1 son, 1 daughter and 1 stepson...Im really bad at math but that adds to where does the four come from?

Anonymous said...

Nope, I ain't Traci, he he he!

Adoption? That would be cool! I thought that at first!

Anonymous said...

Ok, off the offspring topic for now...being the craft princess as you are I wanted to show you an etsy item I found

If that link won't work in your browser, here is the item title

Recycled Journal Yummy Cookies in Christmas packaging, photo book or recipes

I thought you would go crazy over these like I did. Can you see a thousand uses for boxes now, or what. The graphics can't be better and we throw them away anyway. Recycle city!

How did they emboss those, would that be a big scrapbooking embosser or something? Can't wait to hear your thoughts!

And no, that is NOT my item that I am plugging. Just FYI, I wish I was that creative!!!

Sandi Henderson said...

I am so lost because I thought you only had 2 kiddos! So apparantly you have another and then is the 4th a baby you might have lost? That is certainly something to love your way through. I love the picture!


Megan said...

OK, ok all you "sneaky" anonymous bloggers - I'll play along ;) I'm just glad that you take the time to post on my blog and chat with me!

LOVE the journals! so creative and major "green" all the way! Kuddos to the creative gal who is making those! My guess would be they have a great cutting system that cuts the front, back and all the pages in between to get that great shape.

Now - onto the other matter. ;) I didn't realize that so many would be so observant over that number. Anyway, yes - I have 1 stepson and a daughter and son which are usually pictured on and off here. We do also have another daughter who is my little "angel". She passed away when she was only 2 weeks old. It's not something I freely share but it's not something that I hide either. It's just difficult to bring it up most of the time. But she is still part of our family and we miss her dearly. (deep breath)

thanks for all the sweet comments about the photo.

Anonymous said...

I bet she is your main inspiration.

You darling person, only special people know angels.

I would love to know all about her if you ever feel like sharing. It would be an honor to know about her, but we see her everyday in you and your creativity.

Keep on being you, we love you!

Chelsea said...

That picture is gorgeous!

I am so sorry for your loss. I didn't know that you had a little angel. My husband has 2 siblings that have passed away and it's hard sometimes to think about them. I can't imagine how it feels, but thankfully you know that you will see her again. You are blessed:)


Megan said...

thank you Chelsea. ;)

Ok, miss anonymous. You seem very sweet. Any chance you want to claim who you are? :)

Blue's Creative Outlet said...

Gorgeous photo - very romantic! I love it.

~love said...

megan--that picture is gorgeous and your month of celebration has been lovely.
i just wanted to say, too, how sorry i am for your loss. tears are just flowing for you right now. what a devastatingly beautiful thought that you have a tiny angel with you always. *HUGS*

Nic said...

megan, thank you for sharing that with us. i'm so, so sorry.

FeatherBunkle said...

What a beautiful photo! You are a fabulous looking couple--and so in love!

I, too, was very touched to hear of your loss. Thank you for sharing a piece of your heart with us--it helps us to remember that we're never truly alone, even in difficult circumstances. ::big hugs to you::

modkidboutique said...

OH, Megan, I was just coming in here to leave some funny, cooky post (also guessing on who these kids are) and now I've read all the comments and I have a knot in my throat.

Well, first of all, the photo is gorgeous and you are a lucky gal to have such a wonderful husband and family. Secondly, I am so sorry for your loss. You truly are a strong person. And I am so touched. And thirdly, yes, please share pictures of your studio... I'd love to see.

Megan said...

HI Patti! Hey it's OK to be kooky!!!! and thank you for your sweet words.

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You sounds dreamily in love. Congratulations on your successful marriage. God bless!

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