Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Pucker up!

Amelia has issued her latest FFF - Fashion Forward Friday - Challenge titled - Lip Smackin' on! Let's talk lips! favorite lipstick colors, lip gloss - it is a must for you? What does your color of choice say about your personality? She wants each of us to put our own spin on it!

I don't carry around too many shades of lipstick. I'm more of a buy what I like and stick with it type of girl. I switch between a couple of colors depending on what color palette I am wearing. I am a chapstick-o-holic though. I don't like dry lips and I am always putting on chapstick or lip gloss when I've got it. I'm pretty neutral when it comes to color - nothing too over the top but something that also stands out and doesn't blend into my skin tone.

I found a fun quiz online that associates your shape of your lipstick with your personality. Here is what mine look like:

The tube on the left if what my lipstick looked like right before I threw it out and replaced it with another one. The one of the right is what the new tube looks like NOW but I KNOW it will look flat soon. They just always do! LOL!!! Having said that the quiz says this about my personality according to the shape of the lipstick:

To the point
High morals
Needs approval
Careful about appearance
Very dependable
Quick mind
Loves challenges

I think that is pretty good! Take the quiz and see if it matches you! Of course color has nothing to do with this quiz ;) I'm not much for RED lipstick on me. teeheehee

Another lipstick that I love because it lasts soooo long is the Maxfactor lipfinity. I was pretty leary at first to even try it because most lipstick just doesn't stay on me long. My husband even asks sometimes why I wear it all when it comes off so fast! LOL! BUT this stuff works great for me and even comes with it's own glossy cover to keep my lips feeling moist with a bit of shine!

If you want to jump in on all the lip smackin' fun with the FFF challenge from Boutiquecafe - visit the link here!


Amelia said...

I have some of that lip finity too...great for all day!

You have a gorgeous mouth! I need to share a picture for this, but I have a huge mammoth zit on my chin. TMI, sorry!


traci said...

Ok...that is weird. My lipstick most resembles the rounded one and the description for me is right on the money!! How does that work? That is just crazy that something silly like how the top of the lipstick is can really tell our personality...hmmmmmm, now I am curious how they did that.

Momma2girls said...

Love that quiz!!!! My lipsticks get flat to!!!

Lisa~ said...

lol@ Amy!! I agree, great lips and I love how the color isnt all shiny and drippy looking:)