Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A "crabby" photoshoot

Can Dads be good photography assistants? I asked my hubby if he wanted to come along for a photoshoot I would be doing with our daughter as the model AND to mainly help me watch our little guy while I was busy with my eye behind the lens. He of course said "SURE" being the good husband that he is and that's when the "fun" began! LOL!!! I got right down to business snapping pictures knowing my that son was in good hands and I didn't need to watch or worry about him. It was very nice. I didn't even pay attention to what Dad was doing to keep him occupied until it started to interfere with what I was doing. Little red "interferences" kept popping into our photo area, landing near our feet and whizzing past our heads. "what the???"

CRAB APPLES! Well that is what he said they were. The trees in the area were full of them and they were all over the ground. Of course only a guy...ahem......a boy..........better yet, anyone of the male gender would undoubtedly see them as weapons, or something to play with and scoop them up handful after handful and throw them around. What my dear sweet husband had been doing while I was so anxiously engaged in the taking pictures was throwing crabapples around, mainly at my son as he giggled, laughed and tried to dodge them. Then he changed his target to us! LOL!!! I didn't mind really - just family fun, expect it soon got my daughter distracted from taking photos and she wanted to retaliate, and funny enough, she asked me to take pictures of her throwing them at Dad!

All in all, the photoshoot went well and turned out to be a fun family outing together! Which doesn't always happen with photo shoots! (wink, wink) My husband even said, "Take a picture of the crabapples and you can post it on your blog." LOL!!!! *sigh* Oh he knows me too well! He did manage to sneak alittle sweetness into our shoot as well. I just love those tender Daddy Daughter moments.


Erika Cass Designs said...

How fun! :o)
Love that last pic. So sweet!

Eva said...

I love crabapples-thier color especially but OUCH I can still feel the sting on my thigh from my BOY--yes BOY cousins from Idaho pelting me in the leg with them when I was a kid-too funny!

Great Halloween set Megan, Love ya, Eva (freshandvintage)

Nic said...

haha...I think it's so funny that it was your hubby throwing them at your son. :) I think it's a sure sign that your son needs a brother! LQTM

Vicki Arnold said...

Lol! My parents have a crab apple tree next door to us and my son is ALWAYS picking them up to throw when we walk by. My grown brother and his friends love to "golf" with them. Ah, boys. ;)