Monday, February 26, 2007

Escaping the City

Sometimes Impromtu trips are the best. Just throw your bag in the car and go! That's what we did this weekend. We decided that we needed some time away from the city and a nice trip back "home" for my hubby would do the trick! So we headed to his small farming hometown. The kids of course had a blast with grandma and grandpa all weekend. It was my husband's birthday as well so after lunch on Sunday his mother whipped up an angel food cake with her yummy homemade orange frosting. Yummmmm....nothing like homemade!

We woke up to a surprising Snow storm on Sunday as well. By the time it had stopped, about noon day, there was 6 inches in the ground. We had not brought any snow clothes with us so I tied grocery sacks around my childrens feet and we headed out for some fun!

I couldn't help but take a few.......well ALOT of pictures of the snow covered trees, etc all over the yard and nearby pasture. Here's a few of my favorites. I was also intrigued by all the birds that had flocked to their small bird feeder that day. I could have sat there forever just watching and snapping pictures of them.

*sigh* It was a nice getaway - slowed our family pace down and reconnected the family roots. ;) I turned the camera on myself and my hubby and snapped this picture of us in the BRIGHT sunlight with our eyes burning! LOL NOW.....back to work and the go go go everyday life!


Traci said...

You have the BEST blog!! There are a few I love to look at but I can always count on you to update your regularly....yeah.
I love the plastic bag idea for your kids....even when my kids have snow gear on their feet it seems their socks get wet...this would be the perfect solution.
Love the pic of you and your look like you have a very happy family!!! Now make more womens

CreativeOutletDesigns said...

dAwww, thank you Traci. I love updating it regularly and reading other blogs that also update everyday as well. ;)

hehehe - my Mom used to put bags on our feet when we were little sometimes b/c we would out grow our boots so fast and we couldn't get new boots for everyone each year. So it worked for us in a pinch this weekend!

Morgan said...

Megan~ what a lovely weekend!! I enjoyed your nature pics since we haven't seen a drop of snow this season :o)

I love your blog as well!