Tuesday, February 13, 2007

"LOVE"ly Tradition

From ever since I can remember my family always made Valentine's day bags and exchanged cards. My mother would gather us all together around the table, pass out a brown paper lunch sack to each child and let us decorate it to our hearts content! Lots of paper hearts, doilies, stamps, stickers, scissors, glue and glitter would be scattered all over the table when we were done. THEN we got to create the cards to fill the sacks! Once the bags were all finished they usually got hung from the counter or someplace near the kitchen. This tradition has now been carried over to my own family. My kids couldn't get enough of it and my daughter really went all out! From left to right - son age 2, daughter age 6, Mine and my husbands. He was down with the flu when we created our bags so the kids helped me create his. ;) Happy Valentine's day everyone!

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traci said...

we do this very same tradition! Soooo much fun and will keep the kids busy for hours. Your bag is SOOOOOO YOU..lol... would love for you to post a pic of the entire family. Never seen your 2 yr. old or hubby.
Keep the creative juices flowing....love to see your stuff!!!