Thursday, February 15, 2007

Pizza by candlelight

Because of meetings and other obligations on Valentine's day Hubby and I had no special plans but I was in NO mood to cook! ;) I knew going out to eat with the kids was out of the question as well because every restaurant would be packed, plus the kids only want simple things to eat like hamb, hot dogs, etc. SO.......I went for the standard please all and easy for me - PIZZA! Ordered one for the kids - just pepperoni and then one "Adult" pizza with actually more than 1 topping. Dressed up the table with a red tablecloth, some fancy glasses we don't use everyday and gathered all my mis-matched candles from the cupboard and around the house and VIOLA! you have a special dinner with the family! The kids loved it - CHEERS all around! *sigh* Now that's a great valentine's day date!

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traci said...

I can tell by your valentines bags, photographing a rainbow and pizza by candlelight you have the gift for taking very simple things and turning them into EVENTS...we can all learn a great deal from this talent