Friday, November 9, 2007

A Feathered Nest

The celebration of a new baby is always a joyous occasion and when it's family it makes it even a bit more special. What do you get when all the Ladies - Grandma, Aunts, cousins, inlaws, sisters - come together with their creative minds and talented fingers? Not only a great night of womanhood, bonding and chatting but the guest of honor, my cousin, leaves with a "feathered nest" for her upcoming little chickidee.

The handmade invitation arrived and set the tone for the event. "Come and help her Feather her nest!" The table was laid out with small trees, greenery, twigs and a peek of a little bird here and there. Not to mention the accent of feathers here and there, themed goodies likesmall chocolate nests with tiny candy eggs in them - yum, and a few areas set up for the creative mind and craft fingers to get started! It was one of my favorite baby showers I've attended. Laid back, low key and no crazy baby shower games. Plus being wrapped up in conversation and girl talk with my family really made the night. Everyone who attended had the opportunity to help handquilt a small blanket for the baby and also dip into some paints on stretched canvas, unfinished wooden frames and even a few baby t-shirts and create something from the heart for the baby and her new "nest" when she arrives.

The gift opening was the last event of the evening and fun as we "Awwwwww'd" over all the small itty bitty items she was given. One of the items she recieved from me was a handbag that I just LOVED how it turned out. Rich in texture, color and just the hint of sparkle. I thought it fit her personality just right. I hope she enjoys it.

The whole "feathered nest" theme has gotten me thinking about birds, nests, new babies, etc and is helping me in my creativity on a little "nesting" project of my own. NO - I'm not pregnant. tee hee hee - but I am working out the details for an exciting upcoming project. Mums still the word on this BIG announcement until I get a few more details nailed down. I promise to share when I do! Hopefully you will share in my excitement too! In the meantime, enjoy these fun sites and blog I found all centered around the "feathered nest" theme.

I love the style of these blogs titled The Feathered Nest and The Feathered Nest. Also, a fun site by The Knot is called The Nest. So The Knot helps you get married and The Nest helps you out once the wedding is over - tee hee hee. And my favorite site is Nest. This site is new to me so I still need to do more reading up on it but I love the concept - Helping other women artists. They have a blog too! Looks like I'll be adding another great blog to my list! Enjoy!


Erin said...

oooooh I can't wait to see!!!

traci said...

Sounds like a fabulous time! I love this theme!!! How unique...I love different.

Tuesdai Noelle said...

I simply am adoring that purse. Can wait!!!