Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Splurging and deception

Cue the Daytime Soap Opera music. tee hee hee. I couldn't help but think of something dramatic after typing the title - HA! Actually it's all in good fun.

After several errands to run with my little guy in tow yesterday I splurged on Celine Dion's New CD Taking Chances as I passed by it on the shelves. It came with an extra CD of 8 of her greatest hits for a great low price so I had to snatch it up. Didn't you just LOVE seeing her on Oprah? She's seems so personable, considerate and real. I love her new sound too. It's so different for her but I like it. So that explains the "splurging" part. Now onto the deception - cue evil laugh - MUwahahaHAHaha.

I ordered Jessica Seinfelds new cookbook Deceptively Delicious the day I heard about it on Oprah and watched the show. It took awhile to arrive but I LOVE IT! I doesn't seem that hard to do - it's just a change - and for me small and little at a time until it becomes a habit and I get a groove down of creating my Purees! But our first meal was a success! I made chicken nuggets and didn't have any of the purees on hand that she recommended for the recipe but what veg. puree I did throw in was just fine. And the kids didn't know! tee hee hee. Love it! It's a fun change that I can't wait to do more of!

Anyone been crafting???? I'd love to see some pictures if anyone has tried the magnets. There have been lots of comments left with great alternative ideas and links for supplies too - don't miss those! I have a few more ideas to share too! Anyone want to see?? *snicker*


Chappyswife said...

Hi! I love looking all of your crafts. I really enjoy creating things, but since I can't even cut a straight line (no joke) I am not good at anything that has to look perfectly even.

I tried the magnets because yours were beautiful. I have to say mine were, well, uneven. I experimented with little pebbles because that's what I had on hand and our Wal-Mart did not have the large ones. I will try with the larger ones when I am able to pick them up.

I also made the chicken nuggets, and they were delicious. It was extra work, but I think it would just take practice to get into a routine, then it wouldn't be so bad, but we could not tell there was veg puree in it at all. Yum.

Keep the crafts coming! :0)

CreativeOutletDesigns said...

HI Chappyswife! I'm glad you tried the magnets. Hey, mine weren't so perfect either. ;)

I totally agree with you about "just takes practice to get into routine." It's a fun new routine though! Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

Anonymous said...

Be careful! I gained 10 pounds from that wonderful book!
Back to Atkins for me LOL.
But the kids will still get to enjoy it :)

Hopscotch Design Studio said...

I bought all of my materials... just waiting for a day with nothing scheduled so the kids and I can do a "project"! LOL TOo many things on our schedule already! BUT we are excited about the magnets... can't wait to do them! Holly

Tuesdai Noelle said...

Hey Meg,

I adored Celine Dion on Oprah...of course you know that I always admire ALL of your creations. I've myself been working with this magazine. Six78th, visit six78th.com. They'll be featuring me as an artist next month. I'm designing them collages, designing jeans for contest and sooooo much more. That laugh you did was hilarious!!! the whumuhahaha I hope I spelled it right. Take care!

CreativeOutletDesigns said...

Hi Tuesdai

that is great about the magazine! Be sure to keep me posted! the site is cute and I loved the name!