Friday, November 9, 2007

Honky Tonk

Grab those spurs and saddle up! My only boys Holiday design this year is now available and not for long!!!! Honky Tonk HoHo is a fun mix of texture, color, pattern and shapes done western Santa style! The word "Giddy up" is appliqued on frayed denim patches down one of the legs. Snatch up a pair for your little cowboy this season!

The matching tee and jacket have been created my the SUPER talented Kip of Kippydoodles! Be sure you check out her auctions as well!

And if you are looking for a fun ready made item - ON SALE - I've just stocked up my "jeans" section on my website with some GREAT deals! High School musical, Hannah Montana, Chocolate Lollipop and Kitschy Noel jeans!

Sneak a peek at my newest boys design and let me know what ya think! Ya'll come back now ya hear! *snicker*


andrea danielle said...

Those cowboy jeans are just two cute. If my 3 year old could have some with all superheroes, he would wear them joke!

Tuesdai Noelle said...

Wow, Cowboy jeans ...they're adorable. (smile)I didn't know you had a jean named Noel. Very refreshing.