Thursday, October 18, 2007

Tell her you love her

As a mother of a daughter I just can't help but share these. Some have been saved in a my favorites for a long time now and few have just been added. Embrace your daughters this weekend and let them know how special they. Help them to see and know what REAL BEAUTY is. My favorite that my daughter likes to watch with me is called True Colors.

Another good one is the The Evolution of Beauty. And Dove's newest one is called Onslaught which is such a good reminder for us as women too just how much STUFF we AND our kids are bombarded with each day.

A friend recently gave me a neat "list" of things to remember. It's called Raising Confident Girls:

1. Love her for who she is.
2. Let her know she's worth your time
3. Help her stand firm in knowing her value.
4. Make sure she knows she belongs
5. Give her choices.
6. Communicate
7. Never compare her to others
8. Be impressed by her
9. Stengthen her heart, don't thicken her skin
10. Make it safe to make mistakes
11. Let her achievements be her own


carole said...

Thanks Megan, that was just beautiful and so is your daughter (she looks very loved!)
I know 2 girls I can practice those tips on, its good to be reminded of those things.

traci said...

what a gorgeous, sweet picture!! I have 2 girls and I know a healthy self esteem is CRITICAL!! Thanks for sharing.

andrea danielle said...

What a beautiful picture!

Shannon Bieger said...

I've got 2 girls and a third on the way. I love the list! Thanks for sharing it!

maryscottagequilts said...

Thanks Megan, for your beautiful "list". I love it and am going to keep it close to my heart and refer to it often!
thanks for sharing

The Promoted Princess said...

This is crucial information for parents of daughters. I've raised one boy and finishing raising a daughter. It seems to me, girls suffer more from low self esteem than boys. At least that's how it has been our home. Thanks for the wonderful checklist for parents.