Thursday, October 25, 2007

*GASP* - have you been caught???

Faux Pas [noun] - a violation of accepted, although unwritten, social rules.

~ a slip or blunder in etiquette, manners, or conduct; an embarrassing social blunder or indiscretion.

Are you in violation of a decorating NO - NO???? *gasp* the thought!!! I couldn't help but laugh and get a kick out of a post I saw on Ribbon Rock Star's blog. Apparently HGTV did a show on the 25 biggest decorating blunders - what a hoot! We don't do cable so I missed it but they have posted them online with pictures and all! It's a must see! Hurry on over and check it out them come back and spill your blunders! Come on, I am sure we are all guilty of at least one. And just to be fair I will go first.

*deep breath* Ok, I'm ready............. My name is Megan and I have commited some decorating blunders. (the crowd falls silent) But this is a non-judging and safe environment right???? ha ha - ok back on track here!

Sadly - we have a toilet rug - BUT only in 1 of the three bathrooms - so it's not all that bad right????

I definately have an undressed foyer which I am trying to rectify but haven't found the right pieces of furniture yet - the search continues.....

and the fake flowers - *sigh* - I really try to NOT have alot. I definately prefer dried, fresh and natural stuff but old habits and convience are hard to break. I did see the Oprah episode with Nate where he said - NO FAKE FLOWERS - anywhere - ever! I felt a twinge of guilt and embarrassment but then I got over it! ha! Hey, we all do what we can do and afford right??? ;)

So that's all I am revealing about myself *snicker* - now just to make me feel better - tell me yours!!! (insert evil laugh here) Muwahhahahaha!


Dandelions & Daisies Photography said...

Okay I HATE it when people hang their pictures too high! For some reason it seems that people in my town are very challenged on that particular no no. I just want to yank their pics off of the wall and say "GIVE ME A HAMMER NOW SO I CAN RE HANG THESE!" *phew* Glad to get that off of my chest!

I too have a toilet rug....always seems naked in the bathroom without one! But hey, at least it isn't super hot pink like the one in the pictures!

kim said...

AAACK! I'm too scared to look!! As we've just moved to our new home a few weeks ago, I don't know that we have that many....uhhhhhhh....wait, we have NO furniture or decor. LOL We gave everything away in the move. Does using your naked living room for hula hooping contests count as a blunder?

jeanetta said...

when hgtv starts footing my decorating budget then i will let them tell me of my faux pas's

Mommy of 2 Whippersnappers said...

If I had 100 grand to redo my house interior, I could show everyone what incredible taste I really have! I hate it when Billionaires tell people "we did this whole room for only 5,ooo dollars!" Honestly, what responsible parent spends that on redecorating instead of putting it in a college fund? Personally I have the same end tables in my living room that were given to me by my parents when I got married 9 years ago. They had them for 25 years! Instead of spending money on themselves my parents helped me through college and bought my first home! Thanks Mom and Dad for your great interior design sense!!!

Daria - Boutique Cafe said...

ROTFL at Jeanette's comment - that rocks!!

Oh my, where to begin. Just when I think I have great design sense, I come the the realization that I merely have great clutter!!

If I could just get rid of the clutter perhaps I could showcase something of style. Though I admit that I also own a toilet rug, and I wouldn't part with it unless I knew Nate from Oprah was coming to visit!

Ditto on the pictures hung too high comment, that drives me crazy too! LOL - I'm bringing my hammer with me from now on.

I love your decor posts Megan, I think you have a great flair and sense of style. PLUS you do things on a normal persons budget and show us bang for our buck!

Kari & Kijsa said...

Okay....we just stumbled across your blog....LOL...we saw that same Oprah episode and (as I turn my neck around....I can see faux ivy leaves in the distance)! We will definitely be back!

Have a blessed day!

kari and kijsa

andrea danielle said...

As a Designer, I have a little confession. When I go into these big fancy homes that are on tour, I can't not resist changing a few things around sometimes. I move a lamp over and rearrange a few things on the nightstand, fix curtains, move tassles, Turn a lampshade, ect. I can't help mom just laughs at me, but she always agrees that it looks better. I have not been caught yet, but I can't imagine if one of these elite designers saw me! Anyways, I say poooey on those fancy dancy designers, It is all in what you like and your lifestyle. I have heard all about the hate of fake flowers, but in a traditional, or old world, or just plain comfortable home... you need them to bring the house to life. As for what I have personally commited in my own home. #1 fake flowers( I do like the dried and feathers, but still fake grass)#2 my boys have a themed room....SURF/BEACH, and the nearest beach is 4 hours away. I think that it. Great post!

Becca said...

LOL1 I'm gonna have to check out the photos from the decorating blunders! I know I have my share!
Thanks for making me smile today!
You have been tagged!

traci said... what in particular is wrong with a rug in the bathroom???? I really dont want cold tile under my feet and when you get out of the shower you need something to step on or you have a puddle on your floor. Am I missing something??
Fake flowers have been out of my house for a long time now, I hang pictures low, My furniture is not lined up against the wall and I think my nick nacks are at a minimum HOWEVER I really do need to understand the bathroom rug issue....?

Anonymous said...

Um...let's see...I have too many pictures, according to HGTV. But each is a precious memory, so I can't bear to put them away. At least I try to display them in matching frames. Does that count??

I also have an outdated kitchen, circa 1980. I live in a 1920's house, but the kitchen is just so darn functional and full of storage, I can't justify the expense of a new one....yet...

Simply Me Art said...

Oh,I commit them all in my house!! Think of myself as a Rebel..

Jen r. said...

You are not alone!!!I proudly admit I have a fake plants and flowers! I can't trust my kids not to eat them or mess with them. Obviously "knock knock Nate" doesn't have any kids under the age of 5! Get real!

Anonymous said...

Mine are:
Fake flowers, and too many knick-knacks. My home is shabby cottage, so I'm sticking with all my junk!