Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Hannah Montana and Mini "owl" Collection

WHooooOOOO can resist all those cute owls and other birds that are so hot this season! I found some owl themed fabrics that I really related too with my type of style and create a little mini collection. All items are currently available on Ebay! I've created an outfit for girls with my own handrawn tree pattern. I just love that little owl tucked inside the tree! I've also created a few items for YOU as well! My first Mosaic handbag - TA DA!!! I love the bold, clean, crisp look on the one side but flip it over and it's fun, eclectic and funky! Following that theme, I've also created an apron that does double duty! It's reversible ladies!!!!! So whatever your mood or project, you'll have a handbag AND an apron to suit those needs.

And last but not least! Do you have a Hannah Montana fan in your household? Someone who aspires to be "ROCKSTAR" and loves to sing? I've got the jeans for you!!!! Since debuting my High School Musical jeans, I've had a few requests for "hannah montana please" and here they ARE!!!! She'll definately feel like superstar material in these! There's LOADS of details and lots to look at! Be sure to check these out too! Snatch her up a pair for the concert or for a christmas or birthday gift too!

You can see all my current by clicking here as well.