Monday, October 15, 2007

Have you had your "Sampler" today?

What a wonderful box full of goodies and surprises! I've been trying for months to snag one from The Sampler. If you haven't heard of this yet it's worth checking out from the buyers perspective and the independent designer/company too! ;)

They collect "samples" of products from companies all over the place. Everything from soaps, magazines, jewerly, buttons, fabric, notepads, etc, etc, etc. FUN, unique stuff! They go on sale on the website on a scheduled day at 2 different scheduled times and they sell out SOOOO fast! This last month they were able to create more "sampler boxes" than before making more available on selling day and I was FINALLY able to snatch one up! It arrived this weekend and I've been "sampling" ever since. Opening lots of small packages, discovering new items, designers and checking out really cool websites too! Plus alot of the samples have special discount codes included too! Thanks Sampler!


Kristen said...

you'll have to let us know what you like/don't like in the sampler box...what a unique concept!


traci said...

what a neat idea...and like kristen said let us know whats a hit and a miss.