Thursday, September 27, 2007

alittle more Fall in the air

Or I guess you could say around my house. Anyone tired of me sharing some Fall decorating ideas???? I guess it shouldn't be too bad - I've only made 2 posts on the subject with this being the third. And since we are on the subject - anyone else LOVING the daily newsletter from BGH? wowee!!! What gorgeous pictures and fabulous ideas! My head is swimming with projects I'd love to do!

This week I was able to take a basket my mom was discarding into the "yard sale" pile and make it my new centerpiece for the dining room table. With a little help from my "resources" - (aka - all my extra stuff in cupboards and boxes) *snicker*, and a good sale on some dried and artificial plants I now have a centerpiece I love!

I also ventured out to the garden and harvested gobs of mini pumpkins. Theywere proudly placed in a black shallow wooden tray and sit in the middle of our kitchen island.

Switching gears from decorating to designing - I've got a sneak peek! Here's some fabrics I am working with! hummmm........what will they get turned into???? I've got several new items that will be added to my website VERY soon and also a few auctions on Ebay for those who love the thrill of bidding.


andrea danielle said...

Well, I have enjoyed all of your fall decor. I finally pulled mine out and got some pictures on my blog. I will have to check out those daily emails, I must have missed one of your posts!

CreativeOutletDesigns said...

thanks Andrea! I'm going to have to check out your blog!

I sort of snuck that other post in their ;)

Erin said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! Can you please come and decorate my house???

CB said...

I love the mini pumpkins in the tray, I might have to steal that idea from you.