Sunday, September 30, 2007

I'm hearing voices....

You can often hear "artistic" or "creative" people say - "The colors (insert whatever expression you wish - music, fabric, paints,etc) just spoke to me. " Right? and I myself am guilty of saying that phrase or something similiar. Usually designs do come together easily saying, "Oh! pick me! pick me!" and as soon as I know it there I have a stack of fabrics ready to go!

I visited a local fabric store this week to pick up a few notions and well found myself meandering through the aisles and then back again. I think I covered about every inch of the store! LOL!!! No kids, no set expecations of "I've got to find this type of fabric" and time! Yes, I had some time to just be- that is before my husband would call or start texting me about how much longer I would be. *snicker* which just to clarify in case he reads this - he never did. He just watched the kids without any complaints - thank you!!!!

Ok, back on track here. The fabrics - they didn't really come all together at once but when I did the find the perfect "starting" fabric all the others starting jumping out and "speaking" to me. I knew exactly what I wanted to create! My cart was soo full with bolts of fabric people starting asking me what I going to create and giving me extra long glances as I passed by as if to scope me out seeing if I had something they might want or thinking they were missing a sale! tee hee hee

While we are on this subject - anyone else hate - actually I don't like to use that word - dislike - there that's better. Anyone else dislike when the person at the cutting counter asks, "What are you making?" I dread it! I always get "the look." If I say, "I'm making a children's outfit, or a skirt, etc" they give a me this look as if to be thinking to themselves, "whoa! these are wild fabrics to be putting together. Or these fabrics or for making quilts not clothing, etc." I usually just pass on the question and remark by saying, "Oh just building up my stash." I need to come up with some whitty and wild answer that will really take them back! HA!

So all in all I'm not crazy but the fabric does talk to me from time to time. From the picture you can also possibly see what I'll be working on next!


hoganfe said...

No your not crazy Megan - or we both are :) sometimes altho rarely, the fabric even screams at me ;)

CreativeOutletDesigns said...

LOL!!! that's funny !

Andre'a said...

I always say, "I'm making a masterpiece!!".

Jus Shar Designs said...

Yes....they do ask that a lot. I usually say "I just liked it". Which often is the case. If I see some fabric I like, I just get a bit of it.
Except there was one time that I found some lobsters-on-black fabric for $1 or $2 yd. Well, I adore lobsters so I got 8 yards. I have no idea what I'll do with it. I just like lobsters. :-)