Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Have your cake and eat it too........and then have some more and more and MORE!

We have a couple of "cluster" birthday months in my family - August being one of them where there are several birthdays and several parties to attend. The August birthdays all happen to fall at the end of the month so within a week we attended 3 family birthday parties. Would have been 4 BUT my sister chose not to have a family get together this year. PLUS add in a birthday party for my daughter friend and that's ALOT of cake, ice cream, party favors and FUN for 1 week! LOL

Don't get me wrong it was great to "party" that much in one week especially because 2 of the family birthdays being celebrated were the BIG 1st birthday! I just love those! We attended Miss J's outdoor party in the gorgeous setting of the mountains, sunset, horses in the pasture and the quiet that surrounding brings. Just the getaway I needed for a few hours. She was a doll too and plunged right into her cake giving everyone GREAT "messy" cake pictures.

I was also able to snap a few pictures from the surrounding area even making my husband drive back by an old barn just so I could photograph it. I would have liked to have gotten some closer shots of the barn but I was too afraid of a neighbor or someone coming out to tell me I couldn't do that. *snicker* Anyone have simliar experiences? Where it should be OK to do something but you're afraid it's not and that you'll get in trouble???? LOL

Then we were off to Miss K's 1st birthday Party just a few short days later for more fun!

Both of the new 1 year old girls got their own custom creation suited for their personality from me for their birthday. It was fun to create a surprise for them and without being given a theme to do. My sweet daughter helped pick out the fabrics and even cut some of the pieces. She also wanted to have a say in how the fabrics got laid out as well. It was fun to create them with her. Each got a pair of Shaggy Mosaic jeans and a matching Shaggy Initial tee. Miss J's was very wild and funky and Miss K's was very Paris Ooh La la girly.

All in all my family had our fill of birthday cake for awhile. But it's fun to celebrate with family and get together for those milestones - don't you think?


Traci said...

Oh man...what fun to be in your family and get gifts made from you!!!!! Love the barn shot and yes, Im that same personality that holds back wondering about the "what ifs"..lol

Erin said...

I absolutely LOVE those little tanks!!! You should list some (hint hint!)

A birthday one would rock- Tessa's b-day is coming up!!!

Love the cake pics!

Summer said...

ooohhh love that little pink and black set! very cute!!

Nic said...

I love those barn photos. You are good. Really good.