Monday, September 17, 2007

Swappin' goodies!

Woohoo! another fun mail day! Erin contacted me about creating a funky apron for her to wear at an upcoming indie craft show. She had a few ideas about what she wanted but also left a few details up to me - which I LOVE! She wanted fashionable, yet functional and the more funky it was the better! Here's what I came up with! I almost wanted to keep it for myself! *snicker* I sent it off without her seeing it first and crossed my fingers that she would like it! and well............if you want to know what she thought when she got it take a look HERE

We also decided on a "swap" of merchandise - I've loved her wrap bracelets from afar for awhile so I was excited to swap for one of those! My jewerly arrived today and I absolutely love it! She hung an "M" charm from the bracelet and I love all the colors and shapes of the beads. She also included an EXTRA surprise and I couldn't have been more pleased and giddy when I opened the cute tin and found a pair of earrings inside! Yes the earrings are cute and right up my alley but I love them even more because they are my favorite color!!!! THANK YOU so much Erin! Both pieces couldn't have been more perfect!


Missy said...

That is one kickin' apron! Kudos to you!

CreativeOutletDesigns said...

thanks Missy!!!!

traci said...

Ok...I ADORE this apron and since I teach preschool I can see myself wearing it and stashing sharpies, paper, kleenex, ALL KINDS OF THINGS!!! I would be the most stylin teacher since a lot of them wear just plain ol denim ones. I have also loved the wrap bracelets and will have to break down and actually buy one for myself soooon.

carole said...

How fun for both of you! Everything looks fantastic. What cute packaging she used for your jewels! Love the color of those earrings, too.

KARA said...

oh megan, I saw erin's post and fell in love with the apron, is this something you will add to your shop, cause I would really like one of these for my xmas season of fairs as I am forever having to fill my pockets up.

CreativeOutletDesigns said...

HI Kara! I saw your post on Erin's blog.

Actually - YES! I am working on some right now. they should be on my website soon!


Daria - Boutique Cafe said...

Megan you are so talented. That apron is WICKED COOL!! You're gonna get swamped with orders girl, (psst I want one too!!) LOL

Love it and I love you sharing what you've created.