Sunday, September 23, 2007

More Autumn decorating

I'm glad that so many of you have enjoyed my decor post. I realized there were a few more items I still needed to share and I have come across a few more ideas I wanted to share as well. First one is if you haven't seen or picked up the latest edition of Better Homes and Garden Magazine - it's fantastic! so many great fun ideas and who doesn't just drool over their pictures. Oh! Love it! They have several cute, stylish yet fun ideas for fall and Halloween too! One of my favorite ideas I saw in their magazine a few years ago they have brought back with a new design this year. Anyway, here is the first version (picture from last year) - stacking pumpkins in a planter and adding leaves, berries etc by your front door or on your porch. I received so many compliments last year. I would love to try their new version this year so snag a magazine to see what they did differently. I'll be sure to post more pictures if I actually get to that "project". *snicker*

Their site is FULL of great ideas for this time of year. I especially love their Fun ways to add Holiday Spirit feature. 19 slideshow pictures with a brief description of how to acheive that same look! Worth taking a peek! And if you are in the Holiday mood sign up for their 100 days of Holidays! Daily short email ideas and inspiration with great crafts, recipes, decorating ideas, and more. The emails start going out Today - September 24th! I receieved my first one and in addition to the idea of the day it gave me links to17 ways to decorate with Fall wreaths, the 25 top apple recipes, costume ideas and MORE!

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Bon Bon Mom said...

Hey Megan! I did the pumpkin topiary several years ago and loved it as well. This year I found some very realistic pumpkins at Hobby Lobby so I have done it again and can use them over and over. Bonus!