Thursday, September 13, 2007

A positively "Posh" afternoon

After shipping off 3 orders today and getting a fourth one underway I figured I was due for a bit of fun! And with the autumn season approaching - my favorite by the way - I am itching to break out the Fall Decor and switch the colors around in my living room, dining room and Kitchen. Plus a few new things wouldn't hurt right? (wink) Shopping here I come! I also tend to get the urge to craft and create in the fall. Must be some sort of "nesting" instinct - to snuggle down in the warm blankets, break out the sweaters and cook hearty warm meals for the family. Do you get that way too???

So I headed out to a craft store to see what fun containers I could find or what jumped out at me. Sadly - nothing did. *sigh* Didn't really have what I was looking for. I did walk out with a can of spray adhesive - more on that to come later. (wink, wink)

Next stop was a home decor outlet store in the area that is only open on Thursdays. They have great stuff at great prices but its a madhouse! Everyone is there for opening for sure b/c once it's gone it may be gone for good. Their store "policy" or suggestion is - "If you like it, buy it. It may not be here next week." I hadn't been in awhile because it can be crazy - the parking is worse - and taking kids there isn't always the best idea or easiest thing to manage. But what's a mother to do. I'm hardly every without one of them! LOL!!! Luckily for me my little guy behaved so nicely and had fun "touching" everything and discovering "treasures" with me as well. We emerged from the store Victorious! I found the "containers" I was wanting plus a few fun things to help spruce up our living area. I've got a few "projects" I'm anxious to complete to help us get organized with school items etc. I'll share those as I get them finished - hopefully soon.

My son fell asleep on the way home from our shopping excursion so iwith a bit of quiet time before my daughter would be out of school, I felt like I needed alittleentertainment - and I found it! I hardly EVER watch TV during the day and only watch TV at night when the regular season of my favorite shows starts again. So I've been alittle TV deprived this summer - if you exclude DVDs. ANYWAY - anyone feel like I am rambling on and on *snicker* - I happened to stumble upon the TV show "Victoria Beckham comes to America" on the internet the other day and didn't get a chance to watch it. It was hilarious!!!! she is funny and they way the producers put it together was funny! Just the amount of comic relief I needed. She uses words like "Fabulous" and "Major" frequently. I love the english accent and their terms for certain items like "knickers" instead of underwear to just great! Makes me want to walk around being "Fabulous" with my big sunglasses and pouty lips! LOL!!! The show also showed her personable side which you don't get from the photos of her - but really - who would enjoy paparazzi around you 24/7 every time you try to leave your house - UGH!

So all in all it was a positively "posh" afternoon. I enjoyed every minute! Back to decorating for fall - I'm torn about how to decorate for "halloween" this year.I'm trying to find a balance between fun halloween items that the kids might enjoy being around for Halloween YET still have them reflect my style. do you know what I mean? We really don't have any halloween decor. I think I got it rid of all last year or the year before. So that's my dilemma and my "misson". I have a few projects in mind that I will be sharing with all of you - stay tuned for those - but I'd LOVE to hear your suggestions or links to projects or ideas!!! and probably everyone else would too!


andrea danielle said...

Your entire post could have easily been one of mine. Except the Posh watching, I did that after you posted the link! I have been wanting to see that show. I don't hardly ever watch TV either. As for grey's anatomy, I just rent the entire season and my hubby and I watch it for usually 3 straight nights! good luck with the decorating.

jeanetta said...

i've been doing up halloween in a fun yet sophisticated fashion. the kids love it and i do too because its not so rinky dink and cheesy. its also not so gorey which i cant stand. there arepic on my blog if you want any ideas.

CreativeOutletDesigns said...

Andrea - tee hee hee. Love Greys Anatomy but I'm a every week watcher on that one.

I bet you have some good ideas for decorating! ;)

Jeanetta - LOVED your blog and the ideas you have posted! thanks!!!!!

Simply Me Art said...

I too have gone with excitement for getting some Creative stuff and find Nothing. It is usually when I have the money to spend too. Havent seen the VB show yet.

traci said...

havent watch the Posh show but I have heard people talk about it and they either really like it or just dont like it at all.
We dont celebrate Halloween but we are definately getting into decorating Fallish!!

CreativeOutletDesigns said...

Simply me art - I know! it's always when you have money that you can't find what you want! LOL

Junk 2 Jewels said...

O.K. girl.....something simple to do, go on over to my blog and see what I did with just a few simple items... Tracy

Lori said...

it was nice to become acquainted. I grew up in McCall, ID and St. Anthony, ID (North of Rexburg). I love my Idaho!!

KARA said...

thanks for a great post and great piccy's, sadly enough VB is one of my idols, I have loved her since the spice girls days. LOL.
Great containers sounds like fun shopping trip.