Friday, September 7, 2007

Special Delivery!

I have mail! Me! just for Me! I never have "fun" mail days when packages arrive just for "moi". Sure, I love it when fabrics or products come on the mail - but those are for other designs and certainly not a surprise! I've been quite jealous of Kim who posted about her fun "mail" day and now I get a turn too!

I was blessed to receive a surprise BOX in the mail last week. The doorbell rang and sitting outside my door was a very colorful bright green oblong box. Knowing it was a special delivery and seeing my name on the label I almost turned around to grab my camera and snap a picture of it to share on my blog! LOL!!!! that's when you know you have a blogging problem. *wink* I didn't but instead snatched it up and went directly into my husbands office. "Is there something you want to tell me?" I asked him. He said no but told me to open it immediately as he wanted to know who it was from as well teasing me about a secret admirer or some boyfriend on the side - HA! Like I have time for that! LOL!!!

Anyway, to make a short story even shorter, it turned out to be a beautiful yellow flower arrangement with a sweet notecard from a dear customer. I was shocked! Just a thank you bouquet for "rushing" an outfit so it would arrive for her daughter's first day of preschool. I truly felt blessed and wear a smile each time they catch my eye. Thank YOU Miss R!


traci said...

WOW...those are gorgeous!!! What a fabulous customer and how neat of you to rush for the first day of preschool!!!

PamperingBeki said...

Wow!! How nice and they're lovely flowers. :)

hoganfe said...

That is truly amazing Megan! Fabulous bouquet too ;)

JayJenny said...

How very sweet!