Wednesday, March 14, 2007

It's warm, it's bright and it's YELLOW!

Well Spring has arrived! Ahhhhhh.....I love to breath deep the fresh warmish air and take in the sunshine! I just love Spring. Changes my mood around and gets me removitated to take on projects, clean out and clean up, and many more things. As promised in an earlier post, I said I would show a few of my Spring decor touches I have added to my home and a few fun sprucing up accessories as well. I like to change my home decor a few times year to keep it fresh. In the Spring I always adds Yellow and a bit of green splashes of color here and there around my living room, dining room and kitchen area. Makes me feel happy! I have always loved lemons and pears so naturally adding yellow to my decor at sometime in the year just fit! Now........on with the pictures.

Living room - the best part it I got the silver pieces totally on clearance!!!!

Quick color change for the candles adds a splash of color and mood lighting in the evening.

I love forsythia bushes when they bloom! they are just so bright and yellow and they are one of the first plants around here that really show off their Spring Blooms. This wreath is hung above the window in the kitchen

I put some artificial lemons and pairs in a vase and set it on my plant shelf. I always get compliments on it and a few of my friends has adapted this idea to their own homes using fruits they love.

I was soo excited to find these in the Home and Garden section at a local discount store. I hadn't been there in over a year and I fell in love with these! I added them to our guest bath and it completely changed the feel of that room.

Well you know I LOVE black and white and use in my home decor as well as my designs. I found these pillow again on clearance ;) for super cheap and couldn't pass them up. They adorn my living room and add comfort while we watch TV and hang out with family and friends. I love the round shape they have to them as well.

Here's a project I took on and luckily it didn't take too long. I am sure my husband is laughing about that comment if he is reading this. I am just not one to really enjoy LOooooNG drawn out projects. I guess I like a quicker result. I've had this window for a fews years and just love it. It's old but still has the glass in it. It hangs by our front entrance and I have struggled to really make it it's own piece and show itself off! LOL!!! Well I decided to paint it, add some fun fabric behind it and make it functional as well. Now it can hold jackets, etc from our guests that stop by and still look FABULOUS!

It's hard to see the large black hooks on the bottom for coats and jackets when guests stop in. I also tacked the fabric to the back so I easily change it, or just leave it blank. I added the lemon wreath which I found on ebay as an added POP of color! what do you think?

Well that is it! Just a little sneak peek into a few items I have added to my house this Spring! have you been busy with Spring projects as well?


Daria - Boutique Cafe said...

Megan you are so talented and have a great eye. I love the little POP of color you've added around your home, so cheerful. Wanna come visit me and help me add some touches to my house?

Thanks for sharing! Love ya!

Ribbon Rock Star said...

Love your spring decor!


Sandi said...

Oh Megan! I love it all!! And the lemon wreath makes the whole thing..

Amelia said...

Megan you domestic diva!....I love it all!!!!


PamperingBeki said...

You have SUCH a great eye for decorating!!!

Morgan said...

Megan~ wow...I love how your home exudes YOUR style! The black and white with pops of yellow is gorgeous! My favorite things are the architectural pieces in your guest bath~ PLEASE spill where you got those!

Traci said...

LOVE, LOVE did I mention I LOVE ultimate fav is the guest bath pieces!!! I adore anything like that. I have a LG glass vase I am wanting to put something like lemons, limes or both.... how long do they last?
Thanks for sharing!!!