Sunday, March 4, 2007

Preserve Spring

For most of the Country I don't think Spring has arrived yet - it certainly hasn't here. But I am anxious for it arrive and for the warm temps to start heating up! I was searching around for some spring touches to add to my decor when I stumbled upon this ebay seller - gardenordie. They sell the most beautiful dried flowers. What a beautiful way to bring spring to your home RIGHT now and preserve for however long you want. I loved these Peonies in pinks and creams and it comes in the pail as well. I also loved the hydrangea heads - over 20 - that you can place in a basket or use for craft project.

If you are a fan of roses and the shabby chic decor this gorgeous urn with pink roses would be great addition for your home!

and if it's simple beauty you crave try this wreath on for size. Love the gentle color and fullness.

I am currently updating my house to bring Spring in and freshen things up! Still hunting for a few more perfect touches! ;) I'll keep you posted and share a few pictures when I get it all together.

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UKZoe said...

Those are beautiful, doubt they'd survive the airmail to the UK. Thanks for dropping by my site by the way!