Friday, March 23, 2007

Stick to IT!!

I LOVE vinyl lettering! it's fun to add a fun saying to a wall, door or even a distressed board and add it to a room. BUT I always wanted more than just letters! I wanted fun decals and fancy scroll work, etc. I did a quick search and boy howdy did I find some AMAZING decals! If you haven't already discovered BLIK surface decals prepare to be surprised!!! They have it all - sophisticated, fun, whimsical, retro, geometric, large, small, you name it! A few of my favorites are the Iron Vines, the blik Paisley, and the Eames cirles. I love the versatility of them. The floor, walls, doors, windows, even furniture! the only limitation I believe is your imagination! take a look - you will definately have some fun!

and here's an array of companies and designs all in one spot! Check out links for wall decor! FABULOUS!


Traci said...

HELLO....I didn't even know this FUN!!! We are redoing our girls room...this would make a super fun, unique touch...Thanks for sharing!!!

CreativeOutletDesigns said...

I know! it's great! I just added another link so be sure to check that out as well for more designs.