Saturday, April 7, 2007

Easter fun!

Here's a few last minute ideas and crafts for this Holiday Weekend. If you can't get to them this weekend - keep them in mind for next year!

Let's start off with some fun for the kids with Fruity Confetti Eggs. I would probably alter this project just a bit to fit my younger kids (and make it easier for me to do) but so cute and fun none the less!

and if you have a few minutes to sit down with your needles take a peek at these adorable patterns. You can create these! They are so cute and cuddly looking.

And these cards will take you through Spring and not just this Holiday Weekend. I love the chic and not store bought look of these.

And what about the family pup? Well I am not a dog lover at all BUT for those that are I thought this was hilarious! LOL!!!

and lastly - the Easter table. I love these and can see them being used in a few other occastions as well. Snap up these Birch nests and glass eggs for something different and lovely.

We are off to hunt eggs today! Enjoy your weekend!

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Amelia said...

Oh my gosh I LOVE those cards Meg!!!!! Happy Easter to you and your family sweetie!