Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Fairy visit #2!

We've had a loose tooth #2 at our household forever it seems like and my daughter finally decided that Dad could just PULL it out! So after a few squirmy frustrating minutes Dad was successful in his attempts to pull out tooth #2. My daughter quickly stuffed it into her tooth fairy pillow and bedded down for the night. WELL.......the tooth fairy was alittle late in remembering to stop by our house last night *ahem* and made a quick trip to pick up the tooth and leave a little cash at about 7AM this morning - whew!!!! She didn't wake up. (wink, wink)Shhhhhh! it's our little secret! OH! and can I say the tooth fairy REALLY loves the new trend of tooth faily pillows that hang on the door instead of under the pillow. LOL!!


Crystal said...

SOOOOOO CUTE Megan!!!!!!


Traci said...

I LOVE the idea of hanging the pillow on the door...HOW CLEVER! This works out especially good for parents like us who wait til early morning to put in the
thanks for sharing