Monday, April 23, 2007

The Secrets of my Big Success

WHEW! After all the creativity, networking, insider information and references given out the BoutiqueCafe Girls Getaway this weekend I think everyone who attended it ready to get back to work and kick it into high gear to whatever "level of Greatness you want to achieve". (quote from Charlene May of SO - having said that, be sure to catch OPRAH today. It's all about people who took their hobbies and turned them into HUGE businesses! What a great follow up to a great weekend! Better set your TIVO now!


Flutterby Babies Boutique said...

Glad you ladies had fun!! Shoot I missed Oprah today I will have to TIVO it on my west coast ABC at 1am! Can't wait to see it, I bet it is inspirational.

Flutterby Babies Boutique said...

I finally saw it on my TIVO and it was a pretty great show! It was amazing to know that Diane Warrens mom didn't beleive in her at the beginning and look at her now. The number one music writer in the world!

Flutterby Babies Boutique said...

Ooops song writer! LOL