Friday, April 6, 2007

The Sales Pitch!

My Daughter came home from school all excited Tuesday afternoon! Not just your typical excited to see you again, excited to play with friends or tell me all the fun things she did in her kindergarten class that day. This was a different type of excited. The kind that comes from prizes and and the hopes of actually winning something. *sigh* She came home with flyers, papers and a catalog for a School fundraiser! (insert dreaded music here) DUN dun DuNNNNNNN! I have signed papers several times during the school year stating that we would rather make a cash donation than "sell" things to our neighbors, family and close friends. BUT all the kids at the school attended an assembly to get them all excited about this last fundraiser for the year and they were shown all the prizes. How can you tell your child "No" when they have a goal of a prize they would like to get and really want to do it? Plus the prize wasn't something that was just your typical everyday prize or toy. The one she was striving for was a "limo ride to a nearby kids fun center for Pizza pop". She was soo starry eyed by the thought of getting to ride in a limo and sounded determined and overly excited to really go out and talk to our friends. SO......we practiced alittle sales pitch and talked about how some people would order and some would not. WELL I am proud to say that after only 3 days of "pitching her fundraiser" she has met her goal and will get to ride in a limo and have a fun lunch with other kids from the school! AND she talked to all the people with all the details by herself - with her mom or dad standing behind her of course ;) But she did it on her own with the determination to reach her goal. Not bad for a little kindergarden"er".


Ribbon Rock Star said...

WAY TO GO!!!!! How exciting!


Lisa said...

How cool!!!

Bobbie said...

That's awesome!! Congrats to your daughter!!