Wednesday, April 11, 2007

OH Snap!

Sewing tool or weapon? In this case - weapon! very, very bad weapon! I just spent about 1 hour of my night in the emergency room. Sadly enough I dropped my seam ripper while walking down the stairs to start a project and immediately stepped on it - while it was standing up! OUCH!!!!! I had to pull it out of the soft arch of my foot. Luckily, I was on the phone with my neighbor discussing when her daughter needed to be home and she quickly ran down, arranged childcare for my kids and hers and drove me to the emergency room. *sigh* Talk about frustrating. *sigh* Such a silly thing to do that will really put a kink in my whole week. But whatcha gonna do? Grin and bare it I say! LOL!!! OH! the doctor that took care of me was sooo not Dr. McDreamy. Would have really helped had he been good looking like that. tee he he he - I am Sooo not a fan of needles and I had to get poked with a few and when he stuck my foot with the anesthetic - oh baby!!!! I probably could have kicked him!!! Plus the nurse that cleaned my wound off was not gentle! LOL!!! She got alittle yell from me. ;) Well there's the adventures of my night! Good think it wasn't my "sewing foot" though.


Nic said...

OUCH! Yikes, I am cringing just reading about this. Giant hugs to you, girl!!

bella*tessa said...

Oh NO! The closet I have come to that is the thumb jab! Take it easy!

PamperingBeki said...

Ohmygoodness!! You poor thing!


Anonymous said...

Eeek! Oh, Megan! That's awful!

Sending you lots of sympathy and get well soon wishes!

Sarah :)

Ribbon Rock Star said...


Hope it heals pretty fast.


Ragazza Bella Couture said...

awww megan! I hope your alright!!! did you have to get stiches or anything?! Take care of that foot now!


CreativeOutletDesigns said...

thank you for all the well wishes. It's been a slow day and that is not a pace I am used to. LOL

Yes, I did have to get 3 stitches.
My foot is very sore today and "tight" feeling. Trying to stay off it today and tomorrow as much as I can so it can heal really well.

Kristen said...

Yikes! I have stepped on many a pin, but a seam ripper! you poor baby!I hope they are taking care of you at home so you can stay off that foot!!

KRisten ~gock's frocks

Christy said...

OMG! That makes me hurt just thinking about it. Uggh...I hope your o.k. from it.