Wednesday, April 11, 2007

They're multiplying!!!

Where oh WHERE did all these "spare Buttons" come from? Suddenly I seem to have little plastic bags all around my house with the spare buttons in them. Ok yes, I have done alittle Spring shopping for myself the and family and I rip off the little "extra button sack" and set it down thinking "I'd better save that for SOMEDAY when I might need it." But there just seems to be ALOT of spare buttons floating around. And if my memory serves me right, I don't think I have EVER needed the spare button that comes with the blouse, slacks, or whatever! LOL!!! So I quickly grabbed a handful that I could plainly see around the house. WHAT do I do with these? Do you keep them? and if so, WHERE?????? I think the buttons are secretly multiplying just to drive me crazy!

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Amelia said...

I do keep mine Megan. I write on the bag or envelope what they belong to and I store them in my sewing room with my other buttons. I've found this handy because I always know what belongs to what. Good luck finding the right place for yours!