Monday, April 9, 2007


Ready, set and GO! If you are not quick it will be over before you muster up the courage to dive in and grab some Easter Spoils. Heck, it will be over before you blink and realize what is going on. LOL!!!

Our family attended a neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt. Luckily my 3 year old had a bit of practice and pre-coaching from Dad that morning before the egg hunt. (wink, wink) He did GREAT! Just drove right in and grabbed as many as he could! My daughter didn't have any problems either and they both sat right down and ATE all the candy in one sitting! LOL!!! I guess that is better than stringing it out over days and days of sugar highs!

My 2 year old niece also came with us and she wasn't shy either. I felt bad for the really little kids that got last minute stage fright and then stood there crying as the mass of children exited the field with baskets full of colorful eggs and Easter Spoils and they were left standing there - empty baskets in hand and parents trying to comfort them. I guess there is always next year.

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