Monday, April 16, 2007

My Space

Nope not the website - but just "my space." I've been tagged by Patty and Chelsea to show off my Office space - so here goes! I spend a few of my morning hours here answering and sending emails, checking in on the BoutiqueCafe Chat board, updating my blog, editing pictures, yada yada yada! Check back in through out the day and also spend some time here at night doing pretty much the same stuff!

This is the main office of our house but I have sort of taken it over - tee hee hee. Behind the desk as you can see in the picture is a built in Bookshelf that is SUCH a disaster area! It holds ALOT of empty boxes from electronic office equipment that my husband thinks we need to hold onto. ;) Then there is misc. books, office supplies, and just some stuff that doesn't really have a place. hummmmm................Maybe I will add that to my list of things to organize..............this summer! LOL!!! Yeah this summer.

I Love the sign that reads" Etch out the future of your own design" just fits into so many aspects of my life. The mirror in the office is one that my hubby put together with some old barn wood we salvaged. Fun memories there. Then the last picture of the french bulletin board my little sister made for me - in custom colors of course! - It holds misc. cards, pictures and other fun little baubles and papers that would normally be sitting on my desk.

Well - there's the office! It has double glass french doors that lead off into the "Grand room" area of our house so it's still a part of the daily hub bub and family activites. And quick access if I just need to check my email and get an internet fix! *snicker*


Erin said...

LOVE your desk!!! Cute and fun place to work!

Morgan said...

It's so neat and organized! You are just the cutest person in the world Megan! I love your style~

CreativeOutletDesigns said...

Ha! thanks MOrgan and Erin.

MOrgan - well I did have to swipe a "few" papers off the desk before I took the picture. ;)

Blake Mitchell said...

That's a very nice office space. The words and the mirror above it really work well together. They can certainly get those creative juices flowing!