Wednesday, May 9, 2007

7 random facts about moi!

Jennifer of Bella*Tessa Designs Tagged me recently to share 7 random facts about me. we go I guess!
1. I was a half-time sports dancer in my "former life" (before kids)

2. I have performed in a Disneyland parade before and had a tour of the back lot. VERY cool!

3. I have double jointed elbows which was always an interesting fun "trick" in school and a bit of a snag for dancing. It's hard to have straight arms when yours over-extend!

4. I am the tallest person in my family and I swear I have been 6 feet tall since I was 12! LOL. I have 3 sisters who are oddly enough all about the same height and I'm a bit taller than my parents too!

5. More still?????................Where's the engerizer bunny when you need him. OK - hummmmm.......... I once met Michael Landon at a celebrity Tennis Match- whom I adored because who didn't LOVE "Little house on the Prairie" when they were growing up!

6. I have a nose like my Dad.

7. I have had 2 little girls sweetly named after me. *sigh* makes my heart melt and feel grateful.
Well ...........that's it! 7 little silly random facts about ME! hopefully I didn't bore you too much! ;)


Jennifer said...

Ah, Michael Landon--I totally wanted him for MY dad--although, the dad I have is actually pretty awesome!

Morgan said...

Veeery interesting! (with a German accent) ;o) Megan, at the next getaway, you and I can tower over the others in our six feet of glory together! I'm 5'9", maybe 5'10" on a good day, but wear heels alot...

Kristen said...

who did you dance with? I have a friend who danced for the Miami Heat!


Nic said...

Oh me too, me too on the overextending elbows thing! We're twinsies!! (Except um, you're tall and blonde and gorgeous, and I'm not. But heheh, elbow twinsies at least!!)

CreativeOutletDesigns said...

Morgan - can't wait to meet up with you at the next getaway!

Kristen - I danced for the ManeLine Dancers at our Local University. We traveled alot - had 2 appearances on ESPN and met some fun people in the process. Plus it paid for college! LOL!!! We had a choreographer in common with the Laker girls and I saw them perform the same dance we were performing at half-time shows that same year! funny!

Nic - Hey Twinsies!!!!! That's cool that we are same! and you may not be tall but you are still gorgeous!

IFBdesigns said...

lol! You are so funny! ...and tall! (I am only 5'4) I am double jointed too, BTW.
I love to read your blog!!