Friday, May 4, 2007

Little sneak here, little sneak there

With so much going on in all aspects of my life right now I thought I would share some sneak peeks into different parts of it. Of course, you probably most interested to see some upcoming designs first. I just got a boys and girls sent off to the models a few days ago! can I get an "AHOY Matey!"

and here's another sneaky peeky at what I will have up for auction this Weekend for a launch I am guesting with titled - SHOW your COLORS! A big shout out to Susan for doing the photo shoot for me!

and well what about ME? hehehe - when I have my "Mommy Hat" on it's all about the kids! We had one GREAT day this week where the weather was sooo nice. Of course it was to nice to stay inside and I couldn't pull the kids off their bikes even if I wanted to! The nice weather seems to bring everyone out of their houses too! We have about 12 kids riding around out in front of our house one evening, moms lounging on the grass chatting and a few neighborhood pets chasing the the kids or vice versa, and plenty of chalk drawing going on!

and maybe one more peek into my life for today. ;) After the fun conversation Traci and I had about the way I dress I thought I would post a picture of me yesterday. This is ME! color and fun funky pices of jewerly like I mentioned before! How's this Traci? :) paired it with some shoes with a HIGH heel and curled my hair up all wild and cute!

I LOVE this jacket! I got it at Forever 21 in SLC when I was there for girls getaway. Not normally something I would have bought for myself but after Amelias inspiring speech on "What I think HOT is all about" and great fashion advice and challenge I snatch this up and I am sooo glad I did!OH! and I picked up the chunky bracelet there too. We all need big plastic bracelet in our accessory drawer don't we? *snicker*


Traci said...

Oh man, I feel special. I got a special mention in your blog!!! Love the outfit and I love the new picture you posted on your blog in the red top. No more pictures though where you leave off your
You just OOOOOOOZE style!! :)

CreativeOutletDesigns said...

teeheehee. thanks for the compliments Traci. :)

I actually didn't mean to cut off my head - LOL!!! I set the camera up and the timer and was taking a practice shot to see how much I needed to adjust it frame wise and this was the shot that came out! sort of funny but I thought - "Hey it works!" :)

Nic said...

Girl, you are HOT!!! :)

Amelia said...

I LOVE the jacket...I covet that jacket!!!!!

Great sneaks by the way!!