Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Dear Miss Mess.....

Not Miss Abby! We are not giving advice on manners, your love life or hardships here. It's all about organization and cleaning! Boutiquecafe.com has started a NEW Monday Feature called, "Manage it Monday." This will be a great resource for advice, tips, tricks and inspiration for our everyday clutter. She'll help us clean more efficently for whatever time we have available to do that and even challenge us! We have kicked off the first week with the topic: Creative Studio/Spaces. Feel free to post pictures of your own spaces or messes or the pictures of the spaces you love! The fun has already begun! Be sure to check it out here and post away! We want to hear from you as well!
If you have topic you would like to see discussed please email our resident expert at dear.miss.mess@gmail.com . Be sure to check the boutiquecafe forum each monday for a new topic!

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