Thursday, May 24, 2007

And a Cherry on top!

I've been working on some new designs to expand my women's line of apparel and aprons and I have a few items to debut today!

Firstly, my shoppe on Blossom Street in the Villa Fresca neighborhood is having a "taste of summer" launch starting tonight! Each shoppe will be stocked with a few new goodies in this theme. I chose to go with Cherries and created this Hostess apron with this gorgeous golden silky cherry fabric. I topped it off with a teeny black and white polka dot print.

Keeping in the kitchen, I designed this "retro" feeling apron pattern
and paired up some great colors as well!!! I loved the way the lime green pops on top of the brown and bluw fabric and add interest. The rounded top and shaggy layered circle pattern on the top give it a unique look as well. "Who says aprons can't be worn as fashion?"

And lastly, I am debuting a sneak peek at a new style of women's tops. It's got the look of a blouse but the comfort of a tee - it's a.............well, I haven't got a great name yet!LOL!!! But I do love the way it turned out. Very
feminine, can be casual or dressy and the colorcombinations are endless. You've got to love that as well!

There will be more aprons and tops to come as the summer goes on! I am working on new designs and getting some of my fall collection done too! I'd love to hear some feedback on these new items. Love them or hate them? ;)
Creative Outlet Designs...........wear it, love it, "own" it.


sisters with style said...

Just came across your blog. Your aprons and shirts are adorable.

Traci said...

Love the top but am wiping the tears off the keyboard as I type this that I am not a small (dab, dab).... The aprons are also adorable!! These aprons are more for displaying in your house, right? I mean, they are gorgeous, who would want to spill chili on them or get bleach on them? I would drape one over my armoir door or something but could not actually cook and clean I weird?

carole said...

Gorgeous Megan!! You are always up to something, aren't you?
The photos are fantastic too!

Crystal said...

Oh wow Megan!!!! SOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!! I want that shirt!!!!!!!! hehe

Corrine said...

Your aprons are SOOO adorable!!!! So creative, vintage, and CHIC! Beautiful work as always..

CSue said...

Love the T-Blouse Blou-Tee (?) But I'm with Traci- hoping you'll have some designs that accomodate a c or D cup- there's lots of us out here who aren't fat- just chesty!

Dawn said...

Love your designs; I totally would love the T to show off to all of the hip moms I know. They are truly unique and gorgeous! Way to go -- not sure where you find the time. XL -- thank you!!!