Wednesday, May 23, 2007

It's a Good day

Well 2 good days actually. I went to make this post yesterday - Tuesday - and didn't get to finish it. So instead of one good day, we get two! Hey not bad! we can all use more good days right?

So much goodness and fun to share and so little time to type it! I must first share news about a sweet little boy. My littlest sister and brother in law welcomed their first son - second child - into the world on Tuesday afternoon. Just a sweet little guy with chubby cheeks. My kids just oogled over him and wished that we was ours to take home! LOL!! maybe "someday"

I also received a surprise email from a client with some very sweet compliments and what I love MOST - a picture!!! It's sooo fun to see my clients wearing something I created and even more fun to hear about their great experiences wearing apparel I have designed and created.

This little beauty looks just gorgeous in a picture her mother just quickly snapped to send to me as they were on their way out the door. She also had this say..." she wore the outfit when we went shopping this past weekend and she got sooooo many compliments!!! This set is really something. I love it! The owner of the children's boutique where I always shop has become a friend.....She absolutely loved it!! She wanted to know all about it....your website, etc. She has been in business 40+ years, and she has seen it all. She couldn't get over the quality! Our creativeoutletdesign original is a hit!!!! HA! My husband laughed at all the attention this outfit was getting. He says the reason we shop for cute clothes is so we have something to wear when we SHOP! It is TRUE!......She is getting soooo much wear out of her set! End of the school year activities, birthday parties, and other get togethers have allowed her to wear some of her "special" sets...." Now I don't post this to boast - if you know me then you know that's not my style - but I share it as a testimonial for those that have looked at my designs from afar and thought about purchasing. It is really a fun experience to wear CODesign original.

Switching gears and dorning my Mommy hat again, I was able to spend the whole day with my daughters kindergarten class on a end of the year field trip to the Zoo, Park for lunch and local Botanical Garden. And BOY and I TIRED! LOL!!! all the kids got to wear their Achievement day hats they have been earning jewels for all year long by passing off certain things - reading their colors, counting to 100, tying your shoes, etc. My daugther's was HOT pink and had 18 jewels on it. It was easy to pick her out in the crowd and keep track of all the students with those hats on! I had a group of 4 "pink ladies" to keep track of.

One of the highlights from the zoo was seeing a Capuchin Monkey like the one from the movie, Night at the Museum. The kids thought that was pretty cool! Our day ended at the Botanical Gardens which I have NEVER been too - always wanted to - just never took the time and it was GORGEOUS!!! Photo opps around every corner and we didn't even to get to explore the entire grounds because there was a wedding going on. Beautiful place for wedding - odd time to have one though we thought. Who gets married on a Wednesday afternoon at 1pm? Well, they had a nice LARGE group of field trip kids peering into the reception party. *snicker* and adults too!! LOL!! we all wanted to check out the brides dress of course, what everyone was wearing and what was the good stuff they where serving at the reception!

He's a little collage I put together of some of my favorite shots from the garden. I hope you had a "good day" or 2 as well.

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PamperingBeki said...

What a nice post! :) Congrats on the newest baby.

LOOOVE what your buyer said about you! What a compliment!

And it looks like a great day at the zoo. Way to go Supermom. :)