Saturday, July 14, 2007

My hat goes off to you

Ok! I get it. I knew photography was work - I mean isn't any job we do??? right? and I've done photoshoots of my own kids and/or outfits before BUT this was a whole new experience. A neighbor called me earlier this week and asked if I could take pictures of her kids and their cousins, 6 children in all, for them. I literally laughed out loud on the phone to her! LOL!!! They really wanted to try not going to a studio and they thought having someone different than their own mothers telling the kids to smile might help. So...............I agreed. I figured it would be good experience and I wanted to help her out as well.

Besides a thunderstorm rolling in, a brief but heavy downpour, air very thick and hot we could almost bottle it up, a 18month old that did NOT want to let go of his mother and 3 boys that wanted to look everywhere BUT at the camera - it was fine! LOL!!! They really were good and we all - meaning me, 3 mothers and a grandmother - did out best to rally them together as long as we could.

All in all the photoshoot was a lot of work and I left with a new appreciation for all you talented men and women who do this for a living, (Susan, Carrie, Nikki, Melissa and others) and made a note to self not to wear my favorite khaki color slacks again when shooting outside - never know when you have to kneel down on wet grass or practically lay on your stomach to "get the shot." *sigh* There's so much left for me to learn! But grateful that she asked me and I *hope* I helped them out and gave them some shots they all will like. I think I will stick to shooting for friends and family for now. Here's a few of my favorites to share with you


Ribbon Rock Star said...

I love the photos. You did a great job!

Sorry about your khakis...eek!


traci said...

OMGOSH..LOL... I love that it went well other than the rain, crying baby, ruined pants..did I leave anything out...oh yeah, the mugginess!! They turned out great...if I was mom I would be VERY PLEASED.

CreativeOutletDesigns said...
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CreativeOutletDesigns said...

Thanks ladies!

luckily my slacks are not ruined but they sure were muddy and wet!

Amelia said...

I bet they were thrilled, these look darling!


Priscilla said...

The Photos are really cute, Im sure your friend apperciated them too. I like the first one with all of them and what looks like a water fall? The boys look like "hurry up lady, I want to get into some trouble already!" LOL

Your pretty good!


Jessica said...

Looks like you did an awesome job for your first photo shoot!!

Vicki Arnold said...

Hey, Megan! Those are great pictures! I love the editing, too.