Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Say what???

I get a big kick out of some of the search terms people use that bring them to my blog. LOL!!! Some are quite hilarious. Take for example this one - "Daria's high heeled pictures." Not sure who or what they were looking for but it brought a few hits to my blog. Don't think they found what they really wanted though - wink. I've gotten several hits from people searching for haircut pictures like - "rockstar haircut, short hairdos", etc. And on that note - I've cut my hair yet AGAIN! Yes I love to change it up every 4-6 weeks. Different style, cut, color, etc. So I will have more pictures to share after I take a few days to play around with it and that will probably just bring a few more hits from "odd" hairstyle search terms.

anyone thinking Halloween? I have spotted a halloween resell of mine. An adorable appliqued denim jumper. The auction ends in a few days so you'll have to be quick on this one! Click HERE to see the auction.


Erin said...

I've had some weird ones too!!!

traci said...

I have most definately had some weird ones pop up... Sometimes I am scared to have my kids over my shoulder when punching in words since I NEVER know what will come up..ya know?
Cant wait to see your hair...did you go rockstar and platnium? lol

Ribbon Rock Star said...

I want to see your hair!


Stephanie said...

I have been getting some strange searchs that lead to my blog! The creepiest one is for "little pixie stripper" I get 2-3 hits from that search term alone! Haha!
Can't wait to see a pic of your hair!

Amelia said...

Yes the search terms entertain me as fave so far was "veiny feet."


LOL @ pixie stripper!

KARA said...

oh hair sounds fab, I am the same I always change my hair.
Thanks for the tee by the way it turned up and I love it sooooo much, so does hubby.

~love said...

okay--this cracks me up and i have to know how you're finding out these searches people are doing.

lovin' your short 'do above, too! =)