Thursday, July 19, 2007

Back into the swing of things!

Yeah! I'm back to my "real life" and already back in the the swing of things. I have a lots of laundry to do, emails and snail mail to go through - but that's typical! LOL!!!

The family reunion was fun and I got to go horseback riding for the first time. My husband has all the photos on his laptop as we emptied the 2 memory cards we had for the cameras at the end of each night to make sure we had room for the next days snapshots. We have SOOOOOO many pictures! LOL!!! So I'll share some photos possibly soon - if you want to see any.

But like I said - back to work for me! For those that don't know, outside of being a mommy and designing I also work at Boutiquecafe - a "podcast for fashion savvy mommies and so much more." I am now helping out with the podcasts more and have been given the new assignment of reporting the Boutique news!
It's fun to announce new ebay group launches, the launch of a new site or great sale or fun crafting event. If you have boutique news you would like to share with ALL of the listeners on Boutiquecafe - send me an email to - We will try our best to get it included in that segment for you.

I also search out fabulous accessories and fashionable wardrobe pieces for the "BC finds" section. Daria - the host and owner - and I post amazing shoes, jewerly, outfits, aprons, etc for children and adults that we find on ebay and etsy. You can find something new, fun and fresh everyday in the BC finds! and hey, if you come across something great that you think deserves a bit of extra exposure send it my way - we just might feature it on the site!


Ribbon Rock Star said...

Welcome back, Megan!
Can't wait to see some of your pics.


traci said...

LOL...did you really ask if we wanted to see the pictures???? OMGOSH..HECK YES, we want to see the pictures!!!! So hurry :)