Monday, July 2, 2007

My "Short" Story

"who wears short shorts?" da da DA da da. - I took on the FFF (Fashion Forward Friday) challenge from the BoutiqueCAFE show #62 podcast - To post pictures of your favorite shorts or capri and shoes. Sort of a what are you wearing this summer that flatters you? I'm a bit slow to get this challenge completed but better late than never! it's to fun NOT to participate! I took pictures of 2 of my favorites pairs of capris and fun shoes to match. The first is a pair I don't wear often but just love! can you tell why????

I didn't really get my shoes in the shot but you can see they are wedge sandal and make me VERY tall. Or should I say they make me extra TALL which is something I don't really need but I love to wear shoes with a bit of a heel to them.

The second pair is a dark chocolate brown pair with white stitching. I just love the POP the white stitching gives to them. The pockets really showcase the white stitching. I paired these up with some fun heeled shoes as well! Strappy for summer and feminine with that heel. Plus the brown capris can really be dressed up and or down so easily. I love versatility in my wardrobe.

There are lots of other ladies who took on the challenge and blogged their "short" stories as well! take a peek here for more links!


Flutterby Babies Boutique said...

Megan I LOVE those capri's in the first pic you did an awesome job on those! They are super unique! LOVE it!

Amelia said...

Okay the capris are really cute and your pictures are rocking!!!! Great LONG legs...thanks for taking part in the challenge!


Chelsea said...

Your Legs are FABULOUS!!! Oh, and Ilove the capri's too:)


sheree said...

Great Capris. I love those brown shoes too!