Saturday, July 21, 2007


Exciting news for the do it yourself type today! The popular website has just launched their new look and LOTS of new features too!!!

You Can Make This!

Kim, the owner of the site, is such an amazing woman. I had the pleasure of
meeting her at the Boutiquecafe Girls Getaway in April. She is a woman with a vision, very talented and just the sweetest woman you could ever want to me! She even made me a "queen of chat" pillow as a thank you gift for the getaway weekend - which you can make your own name pillow by searching for ebook on her site! Kim has even set up a video TOUR of how to navigate the new site and also highlights some great new features! And if you hadn't heard yet - YCMT TV is coming soon as well! Very exciting for Kim and I couldn't be happier for her!

I was checking out the newly re-designed site this morning when I spotted a
fun picture in the "I made this" section. A place for ebook customers to share their creations/testimonials from the ebooks they have purchased and I spotted a pair of jeans made from my "decoupage jeans ebook" Here is what she had to say about buying my ebook: "I followed Creative Outlet's ebook, and I'm just thrilled with how they came out! The doll is only 16" tall, so the jeans are less that a foot! Even on such a tiny scale, Megan's techniques and tips worked perfectly".- Carla C.
I was thrilled when I saw her photo and was able to see how Darling the jeans turned out on such a small scale! Great job Carla!!!! Now if my daughter sees that she'll be wanting some for her 3 ft doll as well! LOL!!!

Hurry on over to the new YoucanMakeThis Site today and you can also visit their BLOG where they are giving out some prizes as well!


Summer said...

Oh my gosh- that picture of the doll is precious!!

Kim said...

Thanks Megan for posting this! And wow, thanks for all of your nice words! I loved when that picture came in of the deco jeans! That is just too cute, isn't it?! :)

I'm so happy that you're part of YCMT! ;)

Christine said...

You better get cracking on those doll jeans for your daughter, lol!